Balance in the Whole
This page is an ongoing co-creative process being edited on the Global Matrix at Network Nation

In the context of profound social transition, as a way to help seize and unfold the full potential of a unique historical opportunity, we are helping to organize a collaborative network process across all planes of human experience, enabling what we believe could become an unprecedented level of inspired human cooperation.

We want to help facilitate a new level of human understanding and vision, grounded in ancient traditional wisdom based on wholeness, and reinforced by modern science and network technology.

Our objectives

  • See the entire world and all its facets as a single integral whole

  • Understand our situation in its full complexity and dimensionality, across all sectors of human experience and understanding

  • Conceptualize and frame this context in holistic and "whole system" terms, as a way to help coordinate a fully enlightened collaborative response from caring human beings everywhere

  • Help articulate the details of this process, in ways that are understandable and make sense to specialists in any sector, across the entire range of human experience

  • Help to identify the universal common ground of humanity, building bridges between sectors, connecting "science" and "religion", and helping to convene an enlightened process of collective deliberation and democracy that is capable of addressing and overcoming the complex of crises that threaten civilization

  • Help nurture the emergence of a new civilization, at all levels of social organization, from the planetary and global to the national or regional or local

  • Inspire and uplift and help ignite the life of every individual human being who enters the circle of our wholeness



This statement introduces a simple co-creators covenant or agreement.

It is intended to support and sustain a global network of team players and collaborators who want to work together to address critical social and political issues at national and global levels in the world, and who are deeply committed to principles of collaboration, co-creation and resonance.

The covenant is an initial statement of core guiding principles. We presume and understand these principles will be respected at all times by all participants to the best of their ability, in a spirit of deep sincerity, humility and kindness.

  1. I will treat all participants in this process with respect and kindness.

  2. I will do my best to listen carefully and to fully understand what others are saying.

  3. It is clear and obvious to me that there is a great diversity of viewpoints and perspectives in the world, and I do not expect "universal agreement on all issues", or on specific issues of interest to me. I understand many issues must be negotiated in a spirit of informed creative balance and I am committed to nurturing that spirit of balance.


The basic form of our activism is "resonant netweaving", which we unfold across all sectors of human experience.

We are building connections in every direction. We are taking on every issue of concern and developing interconnected alliances, all in support of resonant wholeness and the resolution of painful and destructive human differences. As we weave and connect in this integral spirit, we know the creative principles of collective intelligence held in the resonant field will begin to activate and accelerate.


Start anywhere, with any issue. Every point is local. Every point is global.


We are activists. We want to change the world, and help solve its most critical problems. Thus, our work together involves both collective thought and collective action. We are gathering insights and understanding on the most challenging problems facing the world. But we are not an academic think-tank. We are here to influence the world for the better.


We are passionate advocates regarding highly specific and controversial/difficult issues, while at the same time maintaining the attunement and wholeness/integrity of the universal resonant field.

Realizing that there are many differences in the world which must be carefully and gracefully negotiated, we maintain mutual respect in the context of those differences. We know that approaching common problems in this spirit releases the creative power of a culture, producing innovative solutions never previously conceived by any single participant. If we strive to "work together in perfect balance", we can release the highest possibilities of human potential.


This statement will be expanded, offering a detailed array of specific elements that some of us believe can be held together in resonant unity through this approach, including elements of science, spirituality, religion, ethics and governance. This emerging array of details and specific ideas will not be a compelling mandate of this project, but rather a co-creative hypothesis and shared vision we are refining and polishing together. The critical essence of our work together, and the core integrity of our entire resonant field, is held together through basic principles of personal relationship and collaboration.


Our world today is experiencing a dramatic period of transition, as the world moves into a new phase of planetary civilization. Traditional boundaries are breaking down, international travel and communications are booming, and the process of globalization is affecting all phases of life.

All over the world, we are experiencing a process of intercultural encounter, as people from very different backgrounds come into contact with one another, and discover that underneath the differences between cultures, there are deep human values and characteristics shared by human beings everywhere.

But conflicts can easily arise. World-views and cultural perspectives differ widely. New skills are required in our emerging new global context. There are deep challenges we must overcome.


This transition involves a severe and complex crisis. Global warming continues to be widely misunderstood and dismissed, and economic inequity is crushing millions of lives. A small elite of extremely rich people is accumulating enormous wealth, while hundreds of millions of people remain in dire poverty.

In the USA, this process of transition is moving so rapidly that most people cannot keep up, or fully make sense of what is happening. Job loss, frustration and anger can be very high, and these factors contribute to the severe political gridlock and divisive partisanship that has paralyzed our government.

In this context of gridlock and transition, we are unable to respond adequately to our situation, and citizens often find themselves in the position of the famous "slowly boiling frog". Our collective inability to respond to rapidly evolving world and national conditions is threatening the stability of civilization, and millions or billions of people are suffering.

If we are to roll back the great challenges we are facing today, we must find ways to work together successfully, without bickering or becoming divided on countless issues.


At the same time, there are also rapidly emerging and dramatic new potentials for enlightened collective action, that may make it possible to address this aggregate crisis in historically unprecedented ways. Many new potentials for enlightened collaboration and skilled negotiation are now available to us. The internet and computers can help us support and coordinate high levels of detail, while keeping complex issues in focus.


We see this time as a natural and inevitable part of cultural evolution, as the human community moves from a world of independent and semi-autonomous nation states into a new era of planetary civilization. The primary "evolutionary driver" for this process for this process of transition is globalization, and the creative intercultural and interdisciplinary encounters created through globalization. As world cultures have evolved independently throughout history, languages and religions and cultural assumptions have varied widely, often resulting in destructive competition and war. But beneath the surface of these cultural differences, human beings have always shared a wide range of common values, and we are building connections across all differences on the basis of those common values.


This convergence is in part spiritual and religious, in part scientific, and in part political. This convergent process is occurring today at all levels of social organization, and across all planes of human thinking -- ranging from deep holism and intuition to precise analytic thinking and science. It is affecting every aspect of life in greater or lesser ways. While the troubling aspects of the process are making people fearful and angry and suspicious, at the same time, the converging elements are encouraging millions of people to believe a new dawn is rising.


Throughout the history of civilization, people have naturally tended to separate phases of their thinking and understanding into different sectors and categories. At an intellectual level, ideas have been divided into major sectors such as "science" and "religion", which are often understood as antithetical and contradictory.


Because cultures have evolved separately and independently, there are endlessly different ways to conceptualize and understand the world.


"Whatever the problem, community is the answer."
~ Berkana Institute - http://berkana.org/


A breakdown in categories - "silo busting" -- all the categories of human experience are intersecting with one another and we are learning that many distinctions and separations are artificial or synthetic human creations that can dissolve or melt or be fused into one emerging new universal category of wholeness, of a "wholeness that contains all things". The philosophical and technical implications of this process are profound, and there is a growing understanding that new ways to categorize the world are becoming necessary. There is a widespread and strong resistance to "centralized" ways of organizing ideas and cultures, and people are looking for new ways to fuse the experience of life in all its diversity into a new kind of brilliant unity and wholeness .


In individual human beings and in physically proximate groups of people, this convergence is experienced as an awakening or a realization. The intellectual details of this process are complex and can be highly specific, and can be organized and held in integral unity through well-designed internet engineering.

This ORIGIN model is "holistic and integral", combining elements from across the intercultural spectrum.

It is following a vision of collaborative network capacity that was once only a pipe-dream, and today is arriving into the common market of human experience in its full power. To prove this contention, we need only to cite the amazing statistic from Facebook: that some time in the last two months, over 1 billion Facebook users signed in to their FB account in a single day. This is simply stunning and utterly awesome, and beyond any previous historical capacity for direct human interaction by orders of magnitude.

Because of this unprecedented capacity, the ORIGIN network -- in consortium with its partners -- can emerge as a kind of "universal people's digital congress", supporting and connecting conversations everywhere over the internet, considering and deliberating any issue or concern in a connected and integral context. In this framework, any motivated person can introduce a concern or "issue" relevant to some context and we will be able to consider it.

Our immediate concern is defining this channel capacity and beginning to conceptualize and frame it in terms that are resonant with other emerging visions of net-based collaboration. We are looking into many questions:

  • What do we want to do together?
  • How can we best organize our work?
  • What do we share?
  • What do we agree on?
  • How can we move forward together in a context of full vibrant diversity and a very real concern for "decentralization"?

What might be missing in our shared understanding, that might inhibit our capacity to work together? World-views are highly diverse and often mutually exclusive. How can we address those concerns?

The amazing thing about this emerging new potential is that it is immense, almost everywhere, and extremely fast. Could the entire population of the world -- or all the people anywhere who were motivated and wanted to participate -- begin to enter their concerns and perspectives and advocacy into a single integrated common framework?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

Now -- could/would this actually happen, does it makes sense for people, why would anyone do this?

At best, there is a big "chicken and egg" issue here. For a network of issues to become valuable for participants, it has to grow, it has to connect significant concerns and significant people, and there has to be lots of it. This is not going to emerge in an instant, even if a major computer corporation like Facebook could put these pieces together today.

There is a learning curve. There are human habits. There are conflicts and attitudes. There are language barriers. There are cultural differences. There are doubts. There are attacks. There are costs.

But all of these things CAN be overcome or transformed or somehow dissolved in the context of an emerging new "melting pot" global community based on respect and listening and the basic principles of co-creation.

So yes -- with computer support, and a clear and simple interface, and probably good integration with other internet media -- it would be possible -- and is arguably highly desirable -- to conceive and develop a comprehensive network system that takes on "every issue of concern in the entire world", parsed by geographic/regional relevancy, and interconnected across the broader network in every way that makes sense.

This is do-able today. ORIGIN is one way to get it started. We can begin by simply linking point-to-point in a free-association affinity network -- and we can explore the centralizing/integrating implications of the ORIGIN/axial model that sees the world interconnected not only through particular dimensions of affinity, but through a common center that is "everywhere", at all levels of scale in the organization of civilization, with the entire world and all of its relativities held in the context of single absolute coordinate frame.

Sat, Oct 3, 2015


By parsing the regions of the world through GIS systems like Google Maps, we can quickly regionalize the world in any way we like, at any level of scale, and locate any issue within its appropriate neighborhood or region or nation.

The world is now perfectly mapped, and every boundary and every region can be instantly bounded to fine-grained and exact specification. All the concerns and issues in the world, from intimately local and even personal to the most absolutely global can be defined within bounded regions of relevancy. We should define those circles, and enter them, and operate through them.


We can build a single "whole systems" framework that interconnects every issue and concern brought to us, while following an "omnicentric" model that balances the issues of local independence and freedom with issues of integral system unity and integrity.


We can build a healthy and balanced world with a high degree of local independence and freedom, while not fragmenting or "balkanizing" the larger unity of shared understand and balance that we must develop together in the context of our emerging "one world" situation ("one world, one sky, one ocean, one economy, one global civilization").

It's not "either/or" -- not globalism versus localism. It's both ("both/and") -- both facets in balanced and complementary whole-system proportion.

Sat, Sep 26, 2015

If we understand reality as a kind of "taxonomy of levels", we can say that global is the top level. Or we can say that "universal" is the top level, or "transcendent" or "absolute".

A new mathematical framework or conception of wholeness is emerging. Elements of this framework include

  • Part / Whole: the concept of "holon" -- simply a concept for any "unit" that is composed or discernible "parts" in a synthetic way. If we understand this unit as "both a whole and a composite of parts", we can conceptualize this framework along a "hierarchy", where "one side of the holon" is wholeness or the unit, and "the other side of the holon" is the parts. The motto of the United State of America - "E Pluribus Unum" - describes the concept of holon. From parts is a unity created. The USA is a holon.

  • Relative / Absolute: the concept of a single integral framework of wholeness or "the one" creates "the absolute" framework that "contains and interconnects and relates all things" -- including "all discernible parts of the whole". Any "partial" context or "locally-isolated sub-unit of the whole" has its own context and "center-point", and can be understood as a "relative coordinate frame within the absolute framework of the absolute One."

Sat, Sep 26, 2015

Any "local" framework or context can be understood as a "part" of the larger absolute whole which contains it.

Sat, Sep 26, 2015

The true common ground of humanity is the shared common point at deepest center, shared by everything, through which everything is connected. We should see this, know, act on it, praise it, invest in it, strengthen it, align everything with and to it. This is healing, wholeness, and truth. It is balance. It is poise. It is grace. It is un-distortion, and un-bias. This is "connection to source". This is the central alignment of all convergence.

Through ORIGIN, we propose common ground. We "postulate" it. We affirm it. We assert it. We define it as safe, and whole. We document it, we build trustworthy bridges to it. We see the good and praise it. We "connect the good" everywhere it is to be found. We invite all good to enter this universal communion of safety and shared understanding.

All sectors of community, all facets of mind, all levels of thought, all disciplines and skills, all cultures, all converge towards universal common ground -- the common trunk of the "tree of existence", the shared oneness that unifies all things and interconnects all things.


"Forget about categories".

Don't put the world in generalized boxes -- generalized categories that are kinda true for lots of stuff, not very true about some stuff -- and cruelly and brutally very not true for some stuff.

Instead, think about perfect balance of all factors at every point -- at every intimate local point where life exist and is flowing. This balance is "justice" (the Goddess of Justice with the scales). This balance is ethics - the ethics of wholeness in all things. Connect that point - and everything going on at that point - the one all-inclusive whole that contains everything - and make all decisions and choice based on that awareness. This is the perfect guidance into the One - perfect guidance from everywhere to the one common destination of convergence and unity.

The convergence flows from balance in all the opposites. Don't debate opposites - reconcile them in the One in perfect all-inclusive balance. This is the path to absolute unity -- of each individual soul, of each group or nation, of all nations...

Sat, Sep 26, 2015

Teamwork and collaboration are the essence of community and the foundation of an enlightened economy. No-one can specialize in everything. We must work together in resonance to fully unfold the brilliance of our economic potential.

The call to collaboration and cooperation does not imply a one-sided communitarianism. The freedom of the individual and the local group must be seen within the context of the whole within which they exist.

Sat, Sep 26, 2015

The words "holistic" and "holon" are related.


Holism (from Greek holos - "all, whole, entire") is the idea that systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic, etc.) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not as collections of parts. This often includes the view that systems function as wholes and that their functioning cannot be fully understood solely in terms of their component parts.

Holism is a form of anti-reductionism, which is the complement of reductionism. Reductionism analyzes a complex system by subdividing or reduction to more fundamental parts. For example, the processes of biology are reducible to chemistry, and the laws of chemistry are explained by physics.

The link between synthesis and analysis -- or holism and reductionism -- should be defined as a clear logical bridge, without one-sided emphasis on one side of the bridge always being preferable to the other. They are both valuable and needed in their own context, and should be seen as complements. We need the precision of reductionist analysis (as seen in many sciences), and we need the breadth of vision and inclusion in holistic integralism (as seen in whole system theory, philosophy and metaphysics). Holism, too, should become scientific.

In this ORIGIN context we emphasize holism, because the demanding need of our time and culture is the vitalization of the whole-systems view. We need to see "the big picture" with the same degree of clarity that the empirical sciences -- physics, chemistry, biology -- bring to their narrower and supposedly more focused domains of inquiry.

Holism is more challenging and difficult and revolutionary because it is not fully understood -- and it's much more complex -- and very easily fragmented. Holistic (or "synthetic") concepts are like a house of cards, with many interconnected pieces. We are only learning today how to build these complex unities in stable ways, so they don't fall apart, or fall victim to "political" attacks by some intense advocate of some particular piece or facet, someone not concerned with the balance of the whole.

Concepts like "holon" help us understand that very large and complex/multi-part "synthetic" units of being are fully feasible and simply part of the reality we all share. New scientific ideas and models and languages are helping us clarify this emerging new perspective. Network science and emerging new ideas from semantics and category theory are helping us see these things in simple clear ways.

Mon, Oct 5, 2015

All things are "one" within their level. Everything is a unit. Or, as a "holon", everything is "part of a unit". This is how the mind conceives reality -- in parts and wholes. All the parts as one -- this is the ultimate Integral. Every concept in existence is defined in this way.

Tue, Sep 22, 2015

Spirituality is the core experience and understanding that has spawned every religion in every culture throughout history. The message and vision moving through ORIGIN arises in a primal simplicity of being taking a universal and nameless form, and radiates into the world to meet all things in a spirit of wholeness and healing and integration. All things are called to common center. All things are received in kindness.

Wed, Sep 23, 2015

Religion arises because spirituality is the foundation of healthy community in the form best understood by that community. "The role that the Catholic Church plays in strengthening America" Obama said to the Pope. "Our Common Home" said the Pope.

We are "religious" because we honor religion, value its role in society, and believe in its contribution to a unified moral order for the world. Yes, religions can be divisive and exclusionary and combative, but we bridge to religions on the basis of their common ground, creating a meeting place for all religions that care to enter the sacred circle of common communion across all borders and boundaries and categories.

Let religions enter the co-creators circle in the same spirit as all others -- with humility, with kindness, with mutual respect, with genuine interest in learning and discovery and co-creation.

  • Developing a unified/integral moral/ethical voice shared across all cultures, based on profound common teachings and universal/perennial principles
  • Building bridges to cultures and religions from a (humble) common center
  • Interspirituality
  • Interfaith
  • Perennialist
  • One community of spirit in universal communion, respecting to all diverse voices, religions and traditions
  • Honoring and exploring differences -- because differences are creative opportunities -- and because diversity is interesting and uniformity is not

Wed, Sep 23, 2015

Science is the foundation of certainty, and scientific methods should be applied in every context where possible

  • Scientific method
  • Empiricism, testing
  • Semantics, category theory, taxonomy
  • Overcoming Babel, divisiveness, categorical exclusion, through better taxonomy and category system.
  • "Truth rather than spin"

Wed, Sep 23, 2015

In holistic concert, these elements combine to create a revolutionary new politics of the whole, a new enlightened democracy of "all the people, by the people, for the people."

We are evolving an ideal governance model defined as a universal cascading template across fractal levels of social organization. The "top" level is "the whole" -- the all. Cascading from that core unbounded and undivided wholeness are all the differentiations we need to guide our world and our civilization into thriving balance.

The fundamental form of governance is the balanced circle -- balanced around its center. This form replicates at all levels -- from the most global to the most local. Indeed, self-governance takes the same form within in the individual human being, as each person in the deliberative governance circle operates from their own balanced center, and influences the circle of the whole from that point.

All levels of governance are interconnected through their center points, radiating balanced influence up and down the cascading levels from the whole to the individual.

This is "perfect" homeostatic governance and ideal democracy.

Wed, Sep 23, 2015

The evolution of this ORIGIN project can be tracked back to its roots in the 1960's at UC Santa Cruz, when revolution was in the air and the intellectual and visionary currents ran high. It was clear even then that dramatic social change was pending or necessary, and that a vast flow of new ideas was contributing to new ways to understand.

Mon, Sep 21, 2015

What is ORIGIN?

This is a huge and complicated and exploratory subject as we consider the meaning of "center" or "center-point" in so many different ways. The subject areas range from science and mathematics -- where "coordinate origin" is a well-defined foundational concept, as illustrated in our logo graphic -- to spirituality and mysticism and religion and metaphysics, where concepts like center or "cross" or "axis" have profound integral meaning.

We are exploring the notion of relative and absolute coordinate frames, where an indefinite ("potentially infinite") number of local and relative coordinate frameworks, each with their own "local" or "regional" coordinate origin or zero-point or "center of gravity", are held within the context of a single integral or "absolute" coordinate frame that contains them all, at the highest levels of abstraction and generality. These relativistic frames are connected through a linear/fractal cascade extending through descending levels of abstraction from the absolute and universal to the local and immediate and empirical and relativistic. This concept postulates a single absolute integral cascade that holds and contains all relativities -- and provides an absolute moral/ethical framework for all judgment, balance, ethics and justice.

This issue opens the mystery of "center everywhere" -- and the abstract axis that interconnects "centers everywhere" through a single integrating framework. This is a stipulation and affirmative postulate or "fiat", and not an "empirical observation". It's a way reality "could be" (and possibly "should be") organized, or seen as organized.

All part/whole relationships can be defined in this frame, and all local/immediate/regional human experiences placed in the single integral context of the Absolute Whole. This cascade is the essence of community and the fundamental meaning of "E Pluribus Unum" -- "Out of Many, One", the national motto of the United States.

The scientific implications include concerns with semantics and taxonomy and ontology. How do the category systems of the world arise, what makes them accurate, and what makes them incompatible? How can we evolve a new category system -- a new taxonomy of the world -- that overcomes the boxy and exclusionary tendencies of traditional frameworks?

How can we overcome the "Babel" of the world, introducing new fluencies into language-based communication? How can we overcome "the silo effect" that inherently divides the world into warring or competing camps, simply on the basis of their innate categories?

Is it preposterous or pretentious or incredibly narcissistic to suppose that it might be highly desirable to frame and conceptualize the entire world and all its collaborative interactions through a single framework? That this framework might somehow have "one highest center" that integrates the elements -- "one ring that connects them all"?

See quotes on Center from Teilhard de Chardin

No, it's not. It's natural, organic, arising everywhere. The Global Citizen's Festival, live on MSNBC as I write these words -- following its great coverage of the Pope Francis visit to the USA -- has at its logo the same color ring that we have been using on sharedpurpose.net and as a "favicon". This festival is proclaiming the same values we proclaim here, the values proclaimed by Pope Francis -- and indeed, by USA presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Mon, Oct 12, 2015

This ORIGIN project is brand-new in this format (new September 2015), emerging as a composite of many internet projects that have preceeded it. Some that are online today include The Interspirit Alliance and The Interspirit (multi-group) Network, Many Voices, One Truth (11,000-quote spiritual database), Network Nation and the Collaborative Backbone. Pattern of the Whole is an exploration in holistic movement taxonomy. Focalpoint.us is a model of bottom-up movement organizing. Shared Purpose is a political organizing platform. There is some technical theory on Origin Research. United Communities of Spirit ran on this domain for almost twenty years and may again.
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