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We are building a series of interrelated and complemenary projects, which can bring sectors of expertise and interest together in overlapping ways. ORIGIN members will be able to join and interact with these projects.

Projects will have various assets linked to them, such as a mailing list or forum or zoom links or facebook groups or dedicated database tables, etc.

Interfaith Council
Develop project connecting interfaith leaders and commentators around the theme of a common co-creative ethic grounded in their faith tradition or consistent with it
Peace Council
Connect with an array of peace activist groups and projects who want to share network capacity, and would be comfortable in a fully holistic context, with opportunities to share influences across various related sectors
Project on Spiritual Symbolism
The mysterious forms of spiritual symbolism have guided and inspired and sometimes confused people for millennia. How do spiritual symbols relate to mystical geometry? How do they relate to mathematics and cognitive science? Is the "great chain of being" merely a confused medieval metaphor -- or is it a brilliant guess seen through a glass darkly, that today will help guide us to better understanding?
Indigenous Council
Bring together indigenous spiritual faith leaders and shamans to help coordinate global advisory on spiritual, ethical and environmental issues. Share insight across borders as appropriate -- for example, with environmental or interfaith groups. Build cohesion across sectors. See map: https://native-land.ca/
Project on Circle and Council
Gathering and co-creating with leaders and activists working with circle and council and dialog processes
Spirit Circle
Resonant circle for attunement to Deep Spirit -- thanks to the "high priestesses" for this project who guard the sacred fire of the (so-called) oracle. I think we can allow "priests" into the group as well, on a good day.
Cybernetic Democracy
There is a close relationship between cybernetics and democracy. We can look at how "bio-mimicry" inspires a concept of democracy based on "homeostasis" -- that natural balancing of an individual human body. If the human race -- or Gaia -- is "one body" -- homeostasis seems like a natural principle for guidance and achieving balance.
Holistic Preschool Curriculum
Gather resources, associates and advisers to consider the development of a network-informed world-centric pre-school curriculum grounded in indigenous traditions
Bellingham Community Organizing
Coordinating positive activities in the Bellingham WA area.
New Paradigm Indexing
Create a comprehensive list of topics (plus key words, people, organizations, websites) linked to the "new holistic paradigm" -- begin if possible with the events organized through Humanity Rising -- and use this information as a seed basis for expanding the movement
Smart Cities
We are exploring the role of "smart city" technology in its many aspects, including governance, economy, security. One source of insight is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_city
Integral Ontology
The mathematical science of wholeness and language. Are we on the edge of scientific (and spiritual and political) revolution? The answer might be yes -- to all of the above.
Our Moment of Choice
Project on new book just released -- discussion and organizing on how we can implement and activate solutions and build influence
The Future of Humanity
Moonshots melinda@futureofhumanity.io/ http://futureofhumanity.vision/ https://www.facebook.com/futureofhumanity.io/
Bridges to Partnership
Kathryn Alexander I CONSULT WITH: State and local governments I'm honored to work with mayors, city council members, city managers and department heads B Lab and Regenerative focused entrepreneurs Founders, board members, investors PREFERRED AREAS: Strategy Leadership Improved Governance Regenerative Economics Community Engagement Leadership Team Development Implementing and Achieving the UN's SDGs
White Fire Resonant Core
Core circle for the spirit of the ORIGIN project. High standards, high attunement
World Summit
Originally developed by Robert Schram and partners at http://worldsummit.global/ Our official invite Hello -- , I hope you and your family are well . We are honored to invite you to join us in a vibrant discussion on our new Future Now Radio program. We are a group of active visionaries that are in the process of creating a collaborative, world radio platform to explore and mobilize on concepts and understandings around new regenerative, post-scarcity socioeconomic systems beyond the Capitalist framework of today. We are discussing profound changes at the root-cause level and going beyond merely fighting symptoms. We are mobilizing pro-active citizens everywhere to come together to focus on solutions and restructure our outdated models. This is why we want to talk to you. Some questions we might discuss... How do we most effectively, efficiently, and equitably distribute our abundant global resources, so that everyone’s needs are met, without the consideration of financial, or other means? How do we, as a human race, provide and distribute abundance, globally, as well as locally, while maintaining an ethic of absolute ecological sustainability, and protecting the right of everyone, and of every species on the planet, not only to exist, but to thrive? How do we best organize to make all of the above happen? Let’s take the next step together, and join in a lively, informal conversation with one of our host teams (two hosts) of change-makers. The future is ours, today. Let’s build it together. For ALL of US.” -------------- If you are interested in participating please send us a short bio and a proposed date/time that works best for you. Regards, Future Now Radio team https://futurenowradio.godaddysites.com/ futurenowradio.godaddysites.com futurenowradio.godaddysites.com
Rotterdam Collective
We collect
Community of the Whole
All participants in the ORIGIN network are invited to participate in the Community of the Whole