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We are building a series of interrelated and complemenary projects, which can bring sectors of expertise and interest together in overlapping ways. ORIGIN members will be able to join and interact with these projects.

Projects will have various assets linked to them, such as a mailing list or forum or zoom links or facebook groups or dedicated database tables, etc.

Cybernetic Democracy
There is a close relationship between cybernetics and democracy. We can look at how "bio-mimicry" inspires a concept of democracy based on "homeostasis" -- that natural balancing of an individual human body. If the human race -- or Gaia -- is "one body" -- homeostasis seems like a natural principle for guidance and achieving balance.
Bellingham Community Organizing
Coordinating positive activities in the Bellingham WA area.
Our Moment of Choice
Project on new book just released -- discussion and organizing on how we can implement and activate solutions and build influence
The Future of Humanity
Moonshots melinda@futureofhumanity.io/ http://futureofhumanity.vision/ https://www.facebook.com/futureofhumanity.io/
Bridges to Partnership
Kathryn Alexander I CONSULT WITH: State and local governments I'm honored to work with mayors, city council members, city managers and department heads B Lab and Regenerative focused entrepreneurs Founders, board members, investors PREFERRED AREAS: Strategy Leadership Improved Governance Regenerative Economics Community Engagement Leadership Team Development Implementing and Achieving the UN's SDGs
White Fire Resonant Core
Core circle for the spirit of the ORIGIN project. High standards, high attunement
Community of the Whole
All participants in the ORIGIN network are invited to participate in the Community of the Whole