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Technical Capacity and Vita

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Bruce Schuman is a technical philosopher and spiritual activist who brings a unique perspective and capability to whole systems community organizing. He is an internet database programmer and web system developer. He has a background in the cognitive science of conceptual structure and in the interpretation of mystical symbolism.


Bruce developed the Bridge Across Consciousness listserv network ("BRIDGE-L") in 1993, which ran on the University of California at Santa Barbara's computer platform until 1997, when the project morphed in United Communities of Spirit. "The Bridge" sent about 30,000 emails on the subject of the epistemology of religion and the question of whether religions are pointing at the same God.


Bruce developed United Communities of Spirit on the internet beginning in 1996, running on this same origin.org domain. UCS had about 10,000 members until we went offline a few years ago. We have over 200,000 emails in the UCS database. Today, the complete 916-page text of World Scripture which Bruce transcribed by hand into html from 60 floppy disks in 1996 is still running on origin.org, at http://origin.org/ucs/ws/ws.cfm


Bruce has worked for the Parliament of World Religions (CPWR) and for the United Religions Initiative (URI). He participated in the early formation of the United Religions Initiative, and built their very first "cooperation circle network system". He helped the Parliament of World Religions organize the 2004 Parliament in Barcelona and was an invited delegate to their assembly of world religious leaders in Montserrat. He was also an invited participant in the Goldin Institute interfaith session in Manresa Spain in 2003. The North American Interfaith Network (NAIN) also ran their network on Bruce's "interspirit"database for about 10 years.


In 2002, Bruce created the Interspirit system, following the notion of "interspirituality" originally suggested by Br. Wayne Teasdale. Interspirit is a multi-group network system designed to support the cooperation between many interfaith groups, running at http://interspirit.net/home.cfm. One of the related Interspirit projects was The Global Resonance Network, which we developed in 2002, which ran until about 2008. One of our devoted participants, JoAnn Kite, working by hand with a slow connection on AOL, fulfilled her life's dream project, compiling a database of over 11,000 spiritual quotations from 635 books. This searchable and thematically-organized database system is online at http://interspirit.net/spirit/spirit.cfm


When Conscious Evolution leader Barbara Marx Hubbard came to Santa Barbara in 1998 and formed her community, Bruce worked with her and the group to set up "The CEN" -- the Conscious Evolution Network" -- which today runs on Lightpages, another Interspirit application, at http://lightpages.net. The CEN is at https://lightpages.net/lp/welcome.cfm?login=462819


Today, Interspirit supports the Interspirit Alliance, which was developed around the book The Coming Interspiritual Age, by Dr. Kurt Johnson, running at http://interspirit.net


Bruce began building political organizing web systems in 2008, when he created "USA CAN" for the Obama campaign. In 2009, he worked with transpartisan pioneer Joseph McCormick to help set up the Transpartisan Alliance. In 2010, with the political climate heating up, and political division becoming a critical problem in US politics, Bruce worked with the Coffee Party (in part a response to the Tea Party) to create the Shared Purpose multi-group networking system. Shared Purpose has many tools and methods to support political organizing. The home page for the project is http://sharedpurpose.net. One sample network running on Shared Purpose is "Occupy Express", which we built foR the Occupy movement here in Santa Barbara, at http://sharedpurpose.net/home/index.cfm?tq=579402

Network Nation -- http://networknation.net


Recent projects include

  • Infinite Hoop : http://infinitehoop.net A meditation on spiritual unity organized around native american spirituality and centered in the La Casa De Maria meditation chapel, which was destroyed by mudslides

  • Charter for Cocreation: Project to affirm the doctrine of co-creation as the underlying manifesto of the emerging new holistic paradigm, developed following the Charter for Compassion, with many technical and visionary elements http://charterforcocreation.net

  • Weaving Unity : http://weavingunity.net
    Visionary database of technical solutions

  • Transform the System: http://transformthesystem.net
    World Summit interface based on Wheel of Cocreation