Holistic Democracy guided by Wholeness

"Dialogue is a conversation with a center, not sides..."

Holistic democracy -- the collaborative self-governance of society at all levels, ranging from local to regional to global -- is conceived as a network of circles, where every circle has a center, and all negotiation and mediation between human beings or groups works through the center.

This process finds balance and grace in all issues and points of difference. We are envisioning this framework as a direct path from where we are today to the comprehensive wholesome transformation of society. This is the path to renaissance.

This approach to democracy is similar to other circle-based concepts such as "holacracy" and "sociocracy", refining these designs by incorporating factors found in ancient or indigeneous spirituality, while also factoring in modern principles of dialogue and deliberation or "non-violent communication."

This approach builds on the principle of common center across levels of scale. Circles become "resonant hubs", and all resonant hubs interconnect into unity through their centers.

The Circle

As shown in this amazing and deeply intuitive picture of the Goddess with her arms in a circle, holding in her arms a circle of human beings with a radiant center, the flow of guiding wholeness creates a direct line from the local to the global or universal and abstract. This line of connection aligns the flow of understanding across levels, and helps maintain cohesion and wholeness at all levels of scale. Wholeness itself becomes a universal guiding ethic.

This picture is a "fractal", repeating the archetype of circle at multiple levels, always connecting through the center.

The integration of this flow of guidance extends from the Absolute Whole (the Goddess) to the center of the human circle, and then radiates from there to the center of each individual in the circle.

Each person in the circle attunes to their own center, and attunes to the center of every other person in the circle, and to the common center of the crcle, and to the universal circle that contains the entire process.

Every issue, every region, every point of division and disagreement -- mediated through center in a resonant network of circles --

All these levels become congruent and overlapping, forming a single unit across levels of scale, from cosmic to global to national to regional to local to the individual human being.

The entire process is related to the Hindu concept of "Namaste", when we think of linking to and through the "divine presence" through a universal omni-present center. It is intimately related to the Hindu concept of "Atman/Brahman" -- as the God-presence (wholeness) in the individual human being ("Atman") merges with the universal divine wholeness ("Brahman").

Can a logic like this actually work in the real world of politics? We do have a "civil religion" in the USA, and our money still embodies sacred imagery. Every session of congress still begins with a prayer. Maybe -- as things grow and continue to evolve, and the right alliance emerges, and its influence radiates in many directions -- we could bridge the gaps of doubt and fear and mistrust -- and the chasm of selfishness -- and our leadership at every level could learn the skills of mutual respect and co-creativity.

Axis Mundi

This unity across levels of scale links to the concept of "Axis Mundi".

Imagine a descending (vertical) center-line running through the middle of this page -- a "plumb line" -- interconecting and aligning all the intervening levels from the Absolute Whole or One through every other level of social organization (global, national, regional, local), guiding every decision with homeostatic balance and wisdom, until the axis terminates in the individual human being.

Yes, "everything is connected to everything else" -- but do it this way, and the entire flood and treasury of collective human wisdom is released into the communal decision process as a gentle source of resonant guidance. Connected in this way, this framework is not only connection. It is a universal moral/ethical compass for all levels of life, and a way to resonantly coordinate collective intelligence around any issue or concern. This is the everywhere-branching universal tree of life, the "vine" so to speak, that interconnects all that lives -- and ties us all back to a common source in a common oneness. Tuned to the axis, the tree grows straight, judgment is true, navigation is safe...

Step into this flow. This is the path from where we are today to the realization of a world of wholeness.

This circle-image and the below Buddhist sand-mandala are instruments for the correct alignment of human energy and the soul.

Align your energy in a steady and repeating and converging process, and your attunement will open to the sacred mysteries of wholeness, oneness and wisdom. This is the essence of the spiritual path.

Each tradition does this in their own way -- but all spirituality -- and hence, ultimately, all religion -- is about this process of centered alignment. Do this alone, or do this in a group. This is the convergent path to the absolute -- alone or with others.

Follow the path of virtue, and consecrate all action to the divine center. Everything connects from there...