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Living Wholeness
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1 "If we see the opposites in ourselves, we are less likely to judge and blame others. If we have identified too closely with the light, have too idealized an image of ourselves, then our shadow will surely come up and hit us on the backside. The same is true if we have identified with our negative side; we could be struck from behind by our goodness. Either position is a denial of our wholeness." Dancing in the Flames, The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness (Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson)

2 "The Tibetans have a practice where, on the outbreath, you are actually supposed to mix the mind with all space, or mix the mind and sky. This means, when you breathe out, you simply feel your separate identity going out with the breath and then dissolving into the sky in front of you – dissolving, in other words, into the entire universe. It's very powerful." Grace and Grit: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber (Ken Wilber)

3 "The inseparableness of all living things is as natural as it is inescapable." The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation (W. Y. Evans-Wentz, compiler and editor)

4 "The apprehension of the intrinsic interconnectedness of all leads organically to a compassion for all, especially in the concrete existential situations of life as we meet others each day. Simply put, when we realize we are all in this together, our kindness and understanding grows. We are all related; we are all responsible for one another." The Mystic Hours, A Daybook of Interspiritual Wisdom & Devotion (Wayne Teasdale)

5 "A numinous unity underlies all forms and all appearances." Joan Halifax, 'Shamanism, Mind, and No-Self' Shamanism: An Expanded View of Reality (Shirley Nicholson, Compiler)

6 "According to the perennial philosophy, the re-discovery of this infinite and eternal Wholeness is men and women's single greatest need and want." The Atman Project (Ken Wilber)

7 "No dust mote is so poor, no dot is so small, but the wise person sees God in it in his glory. – In a mustard seed, if you can understand it, is the image of all higher and lower things." Angelus Silesius (1624-1677), 'Cherubinic Wanderer', vol. 4 Mystics after Modernism (Rudolf Steiner)

8 "Wholeness wants to be transformed from a latent state of unconsciousness into an approximate consciousness of itself." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

9 "The more you appreciate the world, the more you love it; the more you love the world, the more you appreciate it. This loving appreciation is no mere emotion. It is an immense, dynamic, coherent state of consciousness in which everything is embraced as part of one adorable whole." Making Peace With God, A Practical Guide (Harold Bloomfield, M.D. & Philip Goldberg, Ph.D.)

10 "Life to spiritual vision is a flowing entity." Intuitive Thinking As A Spiritual Path: A Philosophy of Freedom (Rudolf Steiner)

11 "The living world consists of a spontaneous cooperation that exists between the smallest and the highest, the greatest and the lowly, between the atoms and the molecules and the conscious, reasoning mind." The Nature of Personal Reality (Jane Roberts)

12 "Nature and its numberless cycles might be compared to a great symphony with each cycle having its unique place in the ongoing rhythm of the whole." Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight (Shirley Nicholson)

13 "During the night we all return to that original unconscious wholeness out of which we (and the ego) were born." Ariadne's Clue, A Guide to the Symbols of Humankind (Anthony Stevens)

14 "It is all intelligently ordered like one great household for the good of the whole, each member having his place, small or large, in the vast design." Introduction On Man In The Universe (Aristotle, edited w/ intro by Louise Ropes Loomis)

15 "Peace is the awareness of Unity." Writings in Time of War (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

16 "From the most archaic and simple forms of life to the most intricate and complex contemporary forms, life has unfolded in a continual dance without ever breaking the basic pattern of its autopoietic networks." The Web of Life, A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems (Fritjof Capra)

17 "They [the Mesopotamians] saw a unity in nature and harmony in the universe which bound together all objects and all events." The Roots of Consciousness (Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.)

18 "Individual purpose must be identified with group purpose which is as much of the purpose of the Whole or the One Life as the little life can grasp at any given point in time and space." The Rays and The Initiations (Alice A. Bailey)

19 "Everything that lives is holy." William Blake, 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell' Encyclopedia of Religious Quotations (Frank S Mead, editor)

20 "When I touch the flower, I touch my consciousness, your consciousness, and the great planet Earth at the same time….If you really touch one flower deeply, you touch the whole cosmos….When you touch one, you touch many, when you touch many, you touch one….Look more deeply, and you will see yourself as penetrating everywhere, interbeing with everyone and everything." Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, 'Cultivating the Mind of Love' Spiritual Literacy, Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life (Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat)

21 "What moves thoughts through the mind is precisely what moves the clouds across the sky. All are a part of the same continuum of creation unfolding." Turning Toward the Mystery: A Seeker's Journey (Stephen Levine)

22 "Everything that lives lives not alone, nor for itself." William Blake (1757-1827), English poet, 'The Book of Thel', plate 3, 1.26 Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 4th edition (Angela Partington, editor)

23 "In every human being there is a special heaven, whole and unbroken." Paracelsus (1493-1541), German-Swiss physician and alchemist, 'Essential Writings' The Quotable Spirit (Peter Lorie and Manuela D Mascetti, editors)

24 "Understandably, the dream of regaining Paradise is one that has obsessed the imagination of humanity: it is the dream of healing all these divisions and being whole again." Ariadne's Clue, A Guide to the Symbols of Humankind (Anthony Stevens)

25 "It has become increasingly clear in recent years that we live in an interconnected, holistic universe in which all things everywhere are interdependent." Editors Karma, Rhythmic Return to Harmony (V. Hanson, R. Stewart & S. Nicholson, editors)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite