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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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1 "Even as a mother watches over and protects her child, her only child, so with a boundless mind should one cherish all living beings, radiating friendliness over the entire world, above, below, and all around without limit. So let everyone cultivate a boundless good will toward the entire world, uncramped, free from ill will or enmity." The Majjhima Nikaya The Essential Mystics (Andrew Harvey)

2 "Who can say, when one cherishes a rose, how little or much the rose may cherish in return?" Seven Mysteries of Life, An Exploration in Science and Philosophy (Guy Murchie)

3 "Let a man in a garret but burn with enough intensity and he will set fire to the whole world." Antoine DeSaint-Exupery (1900-1944), French author, 'Wind, Sand, and Stars' The Great Thoughts (George Seldes, compiler)

4 "We receive conception from the grace which is in each other." The Gospel of Philip (3rd century Christian Gnostic sacramental catechism) The Other Bible (Willis Barnstone, editor)

5 "There is a mystical truth in the saying about the 'web of interrelatedness': When a leaf falls to the earth, the universe is shaken. Just so, when one writes a single word, the universe is shaken." The Child Within Us Lives!, A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics (William Samuel)

6 "People will join together in clusters in their communities, towns, and villages, connecting up with other groups around the world via a network created by the lot of them and facilitated by today's communication technologies." Tomorrow's God, Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge (Neale Donald Walsch)

7 "A careful analysis of the process of observation in atomic physics shows that the subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections between the preparation of an experiment and the subsequent measurement. Subatomic particles are not 'things' but interconnections between things, and these 'things' are interconnections between other things, and so on. In atomic physics, you never end up with any 'things' at all; you always end up with inter-connections." Ken Wilber, 'The Holographic Paradigm' 1982 The Relevance of Bliss (Nona Coxhead)

8 "While we might feel that we are mere drops in a vast ocean of consciousness, the interesting thing is that the evolution of each 'mere drop' is a tremendously powerful force. It takes a relatively small number of souls moving into alignment with universal forces to have a great impact on our global reality." The Path of Transformation, How Healing Ourselves Can Change The World (Shakti Gawain)

9 "As we go within, and as we connect with the divine Light and Sound of God within ourselves, it transforms us. Transformed people transform families, neighborhoods, cities, countries. And transformed countries will transform this world. So we believe that once we find peace for ourselves, it is definitely going to radiate from us and not only will transform our immediate surroundings, but will have an effect on the whole globe." Sant Rajinder Singh, president of the World Fellowship of Religions, 'Inversion' A Parliament of Souls, In Search of Global Spirituality (Michael Tobias, Jane Morrison, Bettina Gray, editors)

10 "God so communicates the divine goodness to created beings that one thing that receives it can transfer it to another." Thomas Aquinas, CG II, ch. 59 n. 16 Sheer Joy, Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality (Matthew Fox)

11 "The vibration of each individual human life affects all other types of life, and even alters the undercurrents of a people's consciousness." Dialogue on Life, Buddhist Perspectives on Life and the Universe (Daisaku Ikeda)

12 "Everything that lives lives not alone, nor for itself." William Blake (1757-1827), English poet, 'The Book of Thel', plate 3, 1.26 Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 4th edition (Angela Partington, editor)

13 "The word 'resonance' derives from the Latin 'resonare' or resound. Like an echo 'resound' owes its existence to the other: Plucking one string of an instrument creates resonant vibrations in a second." The Empathic Imagination (Alfred Margulies, M.D.)

14 "We who dwell together invisibly in the bond of the One Spirit of God affect one another more than we can ever realize." Seeds of Contemplatiion (Thomas Merton)

15 "The secret of getting along with others is to ignore their human imperfections and blend with their perfected soul natures, where the best in everyone is to be found." The Flowering Tree (Gladys V. Jones)

16 "While we discuss, each of us is made into the other. Since, in fact, when I understand what you understand, I am made your understanding and in a certain ineffable way I have been made into you." John Scotus Eriugena (800?-877?), 'On the Division of Nature' Selections From Medieval Philosophers (Richard McKeon, editor and translator)

17 "Like particles immersed in one and the same spiritual fluid, souls cannot think or pray or act or move, without waves being produced, even by the most insignificant among them, which set the others in motion." Writings in Time of War (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

18 "Creative spiritual impulses constantly flow like music into the world. At times harmonious, at other times dissonant, spiritual forces 'sound forth' into human lives, giving new impulses and shaping reality….This 'heavenly music' sets the world and human souls vibrating with inner movements, which are experienced as insights, soul-moods, impulses of will and inspirations." James H. Hindes, contemporary American philosopher and author Angels and Mortals, Their Co-Creative Power (Maria Parisen, compiler)

19 "We inhabit a participatory universe, influencing and being influenced on a cellular level by everything that is around us." Dawna Markova, Ph.D., author and organizational mythologist, 'From Rut to River: Co-creating a Possible Future' The Fabric of the Future (M. J. Ryan, editor)

20 "If we can see and grasp even a little of the glory, we can to some extent reflect it to others." The Inner Life (Charles W. Leadbeater)

21 "The principal inclination of each part is toward common action conducive to the good of the whole." Thomas Aquinas, 'Summa Theologica', q. 26, a. 3 Sheer Joy, Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality (Matthew Fox)

22 "The environment responds to our thought and feeling. It is for humans to be aware of how our thought, word, and deed affect the environment. One person filled with doubt and anger may wilt the flowers; another person's enthusiasm is such that cut flowers last for weeks." Dhyani Ywahoo, Cherokee teacher As Above, So Below: Paths to Spiritual Renewal in Daily Life (Ronald S. Miller and the editors of New Age Journal)

23 "If we are actively helping in the progress of all, we are living in God's will, which penetrates nature, and this is felt by nature at once." The Inner Life (Charles W. Leadbeater)

24 "True kindness does not count upon nor ask about merit and gratitude but acts from inner necessity. And such a truly kind heart finds itself rewarded in being recognized, and thus the beneficent influence will spread unhindered." I Ching or The Book of Changes (Richard Wilhelm, translator)

25 "Minds cannot be separate." A Course in Miracles (Helen Schucman and William Thetford)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite