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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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1 "In reality everything is a simultaneity of interconnected relationships." Robert Lawlor, 'Ancient Temple Architecture' Homage to Pythagoras, Rediscovering Sacred Science (Christopher Bamford, editor)

2 "Light and energy and matter all over the universe are composed of moving interference patterns which literally bear the mark of all the other waves of light and energy and matter they've been in contact with, directly or indirectly. In other words, each part or instance of energy and matter encodes an image of the whole." Turbulent Mirror (John Briggs and F. David Peat)

3 “All worlds at all levels from densest matter to purest spirit are in perpetual communication with each other.” Call to the Heights, Guidance on the Pathway to Self-illumination (Geoffrey Hodson)

4 "Every erg of energy and every microbe of thought, every wave of feeling, by the law of congruency and the oneness of all life in all planes, resounds throughout the creation." The Human Aura (Kuthumi and Djwal Kul)

5 "All things are interconnected. What happens in one place affects all places." Spiritual Literacy, Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life (Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat)

6 "Where, in fact, a good and pure intelligence sets itself to work to aid the world by diffusing through it noble and lofty thoughts, there definite service is done to man, and the lonely thinker becomes one of the lifters of the world." The Mental Body (Arthur E. Powell)

7 "Nothing is separate from anything else, and every conceivable entity, micro- or macrocosmic, is related to every other entity at all levels. The basic fact of existence, at any level our minds can imagine, is not only the interrelatedness, but the interpenetration of all there is." Dane Rudhyar, composer and author, 'The Transmutation of Karma Into Dharma' Karma, The Universal Law of Harmony (Virginia Hanson and Rosemarie Stewart, editors)

8 "When we are being who we are and honestly living with inspired integrity, we automatically inspire the imaginations of everyone we encounter." Jamie Sams, 'Messages for the Women of the Millennium' The Fabric of the Future (M. J. Ryan, editor)

9 "Knowledge takes place according as the thing known is in the knower." Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas (Anton C. Pegis, editor)

10 "Whenever one seeks to know other forms of life in a sense of love and honor, meaningful interaction is experienced." Agartha: The Essential Guide to Personal Transformation in the New Era (Meredith L. Young)

11 "Ecological principles reveal that each and every living organism is tied to all other living organisms." Dialogue on Life, Buddhist Perspectives on Life and the Universe (Daisaku Ikeda)

12 "There is no feeling in a human heart which exists in that heart alone – which is not, in some for or degree, in every heart." George Macdonald (1824-1905), 'Unspoken Sermons' Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 16th edition (John Bartlett)

13 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead The Path of Transformation, How Healing Ourselves Can Change The World (Shakti Gawain)

14 "The universal together with its most single things is a work cohering as one, insomuch that one part cannot be touched and affected without some sense of it being communicated to all the rest." A Compendium of the Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (Samuel M. Warren, compiler)

15 "We are eternally related to the souls of all men." The Reappearance of the Christ (Alice A. Bailey)

16 "An old alchemist gave the following consolation to one of his disciples: 'No matter how isolated you are and how lonely you feel, if you do your work truly and conscientiously, unknown friends will come and seek you." C. G. Jung: Letters, 1951-1961 (Gerhard Adler and Aniela Jaffe, editors)

17 “I shall sing how the life of the whole universe is based on mutual sympathy and how it moves by the force of reason because a single spirit inhabits all its parts and radiates through the whole world, spreading itself through everything.” Manilius Arcana Mundi (Georg Luck)

18 "Ultimately – as quantum physics showed so dramatically – there are no parts at all. What we call a part is merely a pattern in an inseparable web of relationships." The Web of Life, A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems (Fritjof Capra)

19 "Limiting ideas predispose you to accept others of a similar nature. Exuberant ideas of freedom, spontaneity and joy automatically collect others of their kind also. There is a constant interplay between yourself and others in the exchange of ideas, both telepathically and on a conscious level." The Nature of Personal Reality (Jane Roberts)

20 "Throughout all nature, the interconnectedness of life in its manifold forms is evidenced, a universal law of harmony revealing itself again and again in innumerable patterns." Joy Mills, foreword Karma, The Universal Law of Harmony (Virginia Hanson and Rosemarie Stewart, editors)

21 "When individuals come into resonance with universal purpose, they know it in their hearts, they feel it in their bones. There is a great assent, a cosmic yes, an arc of energy across the void. What stands revealed in such moments is the entelechy, the creative seed of greatness each of us contains." Jean Houston, 'Jump Time' Tomorrow's God, Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge (Neale Donald Walsch)

22 "When one person heals, the rest of the world is deeply affected. We don't heal alone." Diane Cirincione, author The Mystic Hours, A Daybook of Interspiritual Wisdom & Devotion (Wayne Teasdale)

23 "Perfection is uninterrupted resonance in God." The Unity of Reality (Michael vonBruck)

24 "All things in creation, no matter how large or small, are intimately connected, so that no single act can take place which does not have its concomitant effect elsewhere." John Matthews, 'Charles Williams and The Arthuriad' The Household of the Grail (John Matthews, editor)

25 “All creatures, all created things, are united by a common bond. If one is affected, another one, no matter how distant or seemingly unconnected, feels the impact.” Arcana Mundi (Georg Luck)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite