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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Living Wholeness
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1 "Deep within us there is a voice which, although quiet, steadily assures us that…there is a unifying Reality." The Cosmic Womb, An Interpretation of Man's Relationship to the Infinite (Arthur W. Osborn)

2 "All is the play of the unitive life force in its various manifestations." The Strong Eye of Shamanism, A Journey Into the Caves of Consciousness (Robert E. Ryan, Ph.D.)

3 "Creation is like a rosebud with each petal gently enfolded in the next." Eliezer Shore, 'The Heart of Ritual' Parabola, the Magazine of Myth and Tradition (various)

4 "They [the Mesopotamians] saw a unity in nature and harmony in the universe which bound together all objects and all events." The Roots of Consciousness (Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.)

5 "No dust mote is so poor, no dot is so small, but the wise person sees God in it in his glory. – In a mustard seed, if you can understand it, is the image of all higher and lower things." Angelus Silesius (1624-1677), 'Cherubinic Wanderer', vol. 4 Mystics after Modernism (Rudolf Steiner)

6 "God is the holy one of all being through whom everything is connected to everything else." Rabbi Lawrence Kushner Spiritual Genius, The Mastery of Life's Meaning (Winifred Gallagher)

7 “All of us are related to everything else, to the elements, to all the animal life. We’re all connected to the tree of life, too – you name it. We’re all the same….We’re part of everything here on Earth, and we’re part of the moon, sun, and stars.” Corbin Harney Hidden Wisdom (Richard Smoley and Jay Kinney)

8 "A numinous unity underlies all forms and all appearances." Joan Halifax, 'Shamanism, Mind, and No-Self' Shamanism: An Expanded View of Reality (Shirley Nicholson, Compiler)

9 "Undoubtedly, the most fundamental principle of Judaism's entire visionary way is that the cosmos is a coherent and meaningful whole." Edward Hoffman As Above, So Below: Paths to Spiritual Renewal in Daily Life (Ronald S. Miller and the editors of New Age Journal)

10 "The world is a reflection of humanity's collective consciousness, and each of us has access to the collective through the auspices of our own mind." Everyday Grace, Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles (Marianne Williamson)

11 "We are beginning to truly understand and appreciate that we are all connected, that we are all part of a whole. New physics teaches us what mystics have known for millennia: that ultimately everything is connected in a unified field and that the natural drift of the universe is toward wholeness. In Hinduism, we find the story of Indra's net. Indra, the god of the firmament, has a huge net. Everything in creation hangs on this net as jewels. If one jewel shakes, the entire net and all the jewels shake. We are learning as never before that what we think, what we believe, and what we do shake the entire net of creation." Rosemary Ellen Guiley, 'The Fire of Faith' New Thoughts for a New Millennium (Michael A. Maday, editor)

12 "Each portion contains within it the latent potentials of the whole." The 'Unknown' Reality (Jane Roberts)

13 "We are inherently connected with all other beings on this planet. Within nature, we are all interrelated, inexplicably linked together to form the miraculous whole called earth. This awareness enables us to fulfill our destinies within the human collective – while contributing our uniqueness to the healing of the world." Helen Hunt, M.A., 'Living from the Heart' Handbook for the Heart, Original Writings on Love (Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield, editors)

14 "Behind the surface separation and supporting the seemingly disparate things is a unity more basic, more real, closer to us than our sense impressions,…mystics agree with physicists that this unitary realm is primary, that the divisions ultimately rest on a unitary background." Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight (Shirley Nicholson)

15 "God and His creation are not separate. The oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity." A Course in Miracles (Helen Schucman and William Thetford)

16 "Just as drops of water lost within the vast sheets of oceans participate in all sorts of common chemical, thermal or capillary relationships; so, at a higher degree of reality, no living mass (whether it is the whole biosphere or a fraction of it) is conceivable… except as permeated and animated by certain forces of solidarity which bring the paricular forms into balance and control the unifying currents within the All." The Vision of the Past (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

17 "'I', each of us as an 'I', is an expression of the whole process of creation. In our genes are all the generations come alive now. Our atoms, molecules, cells, organs, and early brain have the memory of the whole story of creation. We are awakening to that story as our own birth story." Barbara Marx Hubbard, 'Dicscovery of a New Ordering of the Future' New Thoughts for a New Millennium (Michael A. Maday, editor)

18 "There is in the universe only one single individuality (one single monad), that of the whole." Writings in Time of War (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

19 "Each part, or what appears to be a part, is the Whole." Nature Word (R. A. Schwaller deLubicz)

20 "Every event you choose for your life, no matter how destructive, chaotic or miserable it may seem, has been allowed to manifest because your Wholeness has an innate knowledge of those things you need to get you to the place where you will choose to sink deeply within, into the stillness of who you are." Reflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream (Mary-Margaret Moore)

21 "In truth we are all indestructible parts of one great Unity in which 'we live and move and have our being.'" The Origins of Pagan and Christian Beliefs (Edward Carpenter)

22 "Ours is a time of emerging awareness of the interconnectivity of all things." The Coming of the Cosmic Christ (Matthew Fox)

23 "Asleep, we turn our attention to the reality of our interconnectedness as members of a single species. In this sense we may regard dreaming as concerned with the issue of species-connectedness." Montague Ullman, psychoanalyst Our Dreaming Mind (Robert L. Van deCastle, Ph.D.)

24 "What we encounter in everyday life are not discrete individuals and solid objects, but integral aspects of a unified energetic field." The Cosmic Game, Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness (Stanislav Grof)

25 "To reach the sun nothing less is required than the combined growth of the entire foliage. The outcome of the world, the gates of the future, the entry into the super-human – these are not thrown open to a few of the privileged nor to one chosen people to the exclusion of all others. They will open only to an advance of ALL TOGETHER, in a direction which ALL TOGETHER can join and find completion in a spiritual renovation of the earth." The Phenomenon of Man (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite