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St. Augustine

1 "You [God] fill all things, and you fill them all with your entire self."

2 "Behold, you [God] are present, and you deliver us from all wretched errors, and you put us on your way, and you console us, and you say to us, 'Run forward! I will bear you up, and I will bring you to the end, and there also will I bear you up!'"

3 "From you, O God, come all good things."

4 "Who else calls us back from the death of every error except that Life which cannot die, that wisdom which needs no light itself but enlightens every mind that needs it, by which the whole world is ruled, down even to the quivering leaves on the trees."

5 "He who made me is good, and he is my good. Before him I rejoice for all these goods out of which I had my being even as a child."

6 "This is the Light! It is one, and all who see it and love it are one!"

7 "My God, I would not be, I would in no way be, unless you were in me. Or rather, I would not be unless I were in you, 'from whom, by whom, and in whom are all things' (cf. Romans 11:36)."

8 "Behold God, and behold what God has created!....Behold how he encircles and fills all things!"

9 "God is within our very hearts."

10 "All things, taken one by one, are good, and all things, taken together, are very good. For our God has made all things very good."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite