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Collected Works
Carl Jung

1 "It seems to me that we are at the threshold of a new spiritual epoch. I do not wish to pass myself off as a prophet, but one can hardly attempt to sketch the spiritual problem of modern man without mentioning the longing for rest in a period of unrest, the longing for security in an age of insecurity. It is from need and distress that new forms of existence arise."

2 “The forms which experience takes in each individual may be infinite in their variations, but they are all variants of certain central types, and these occur universally. They are the primordial images, from which the religions each draw their absolute truth.”

3 "The invisible centre is Adam Kadmon, the Original Man."

4 "The multiplicity of the empirical world rests on an underlying unity."

5 "Certainly the difficulties and adversities of the struggle for existence may oppress us, yet even the worst conditions need not hinder love; on the contrary, they often spur us on to greater efforts."

6 "According to Mechthild of Magdeburg, the soul is compounded of love."

7 "Since psyche and matter are contained in one and the same world, and moreover are in continuous contact with one another and ultimately rest on irrepresentable, transcendental factors, it is not only possible but fairly probable, even, that psyche and matter are two different aspects of one and the same thing. The synchronicity phenomena point, it seems to me, in this direction, for they show that the nonpsychic can behave like the psychic, and vice versa, without there being any causal connection between them." 'On the Nature of the Psyche'

8 “The ‘Tao Teh Ching (ch. 25) says of the Original Being: ‘There was something formless yet complete that existed before heaven and earth; without sound, without substance, dependent on nothing, unchanging, all pervading, unfailing. One may think of it as the mother of all things under heaven.’”

9 "Since olden times the circle with a centre has been a symbol for the Deity, illustrating the wholeness of God incarnate."

10 "God is near you, he is with you, he is within you." Seneca to Lucilius (Gummere translation)

11 “There is but one single thing, one medicine.” ‘Abraham le Juif’, from the Paris codex (Fr. 14765)

12 "Just as conscious apprehension gives our actions form and direction, so unconscious apprehension through the archetype determines the form and direction of instinct."

13 "In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness. This gradually brings liberation from imprisonment in unconsciousness, and is therefore a bringer of light as well as of healing."

14 "We must awaken our innermost wisdom, pure and divine, called the Mind of Buddha…It is the divine light, the inner heaven, the key to all moral treasures, the centre of thought and consciousness,..the seat of kindness, justice, sympathy, impartial love, humanity, and mercy, the measure of all things. When this innermost wisdom is fully awakened, we are able to realize that each and every one of us is identical in spirit, in essence, in nature with the universal life." Kaiten Nukariya, professor at the So-To-shu Buddhist College in Tokyo

15 "Mankind as a whole is included in God's human nature."

16 "The self is the whole man, whose symbols are the divine child and its synonyms."

17 "The powers of the right and the left unite in the harmony of wisdom." The Acts of John, The Apocryphal New Testament

18 “For the One is the whole;…because of the One everything is.” Barnaud

19 "The One is the midpoint of the circle."

20 “It is a great mystery, one unique mother of all mortal things, and they have all originated in her.” Paracelsus

21 "The drama of the archetypal life of Christ describes in symbolic images the events in the conscious life - as well as in the life that transcends consciousness - of a man who has been transformed by his higher destiny." 'A Psychological Approach to the Trinity'

22 "As the medical lore of the ancient Egyptians shows, myths as well as rites have a psychotherapeutic value, and they still have today."

23 "It seems that nature is out to prod man's consciousness towards greater expansion and greater clarity."

24 “And behold it is One thing, One root, One essence with nothing extraneous added.” Nicolaus Melchior, chaplain at King Louis II’s court, 1490-1516

25 "Just a a 'door' opens to one who 'knocks' on it, or a 'way' opens out to the wayfarer who seeks it, so, when you relate to your own transcendental centre, you initiate a process of conscious development which leads to oneness and wholeness."

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