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Collected Works
Carl Jung

1 "Christ is the inner man who is reached by the path of self-knowledge, 'the kingdom of heaven within you.'"

2 "The energy of the central point is manifested in the almost iresistible compulsion and urge to become what one is, just as every organism is driven to assume the form that is characteristic of its nature, no matter what the circumstances."

3 "It is dawning on us that humanity is ONE, with ONE psyche."

4 "In God all opposites are abolished."

5 "In the empirical self, light and shadow form a paradoxical unity."

6 "Wherever the spirit of God is extruded from our human calculations, an unconscious substitute takes its place." 'On the Nature of the Psyche'

7 “However much its names may differ, yet it is ever one thing alone.” ‘Rosarium’, Art. Aurif., II

8 "It is psychologically quite unthinkable for God to be simply the 'wholly other', for a 'wholly other' could never be one of the soul's deepest and closest intimacies – which is precisely what God is." 'Psychology and Alchemy'

9 "Like the related ideas of 'atman' and 'tao' in the East, the idea of the self is at least in part a product of cognition, grounded neither on faith nor on metaphysical speculation but on the experience that under certain conditions the unconscious spontaneously brings forth an archetypal symbol of wholeness."

10 "The collective unconscious….is not individual but common to all men, and perhaps even to all animals, and is the true basis of the individual psyche."

11 "According to Mechthild of Magdeburg, the soul is compounded of love."

12 "They [mandalas] are among the oldest religious symbols of humanity and may even have existed in paleolithic times (cf. the Rhodesian rock paintings). Moreover they are distributed all over the world."

13 "The physicist's models ultimately rest on the same archetypal foundations that also underlie the speculations of the theologian."

14 "Archetypes were, and still are, living psychic forces that demand to be taken seriously, and they have a strange way of making sure of their effect. Always they were the bringers of protection and salvation."

15 "All the world is God's, and God is in all the world from the very beginning."

16 "The one attracts the one, and the one rules the one…It is the whole in all things. And it has life and spirit." Zosimos, 3rd century Alchemist, 'Alch. Grecs', III, ix

17 “There is in fact one substance in which everything is contained.” ‘VIII Exercitatio in Turbam’

18 "The fact is that with the knowledge and actual experience of these inner images [archetypes] a way is opened for reason and feeling to gain access to those other images which the teachings of religion offer to mankind."

19 "The archetypes…are to be understood as inborn modes of functioning that constitute, in their totality, man's nature."

20 "Let thy imagination be guided wholly by nature. And observe according to nature, through whom the substances regenerate themselves in the And imagine this with true and not with fantastic imagination." Rosarium philosophorum, Art. Aurif., II, p. 214 (medieval alchemical text),

21 "Myths are original revelations of the preconscious psyche, involuntary statements about unconscious psychic happenings."

22 "There is probably no more suitable psychological concept for this (the Anima Mundi) than the collective unconscious, whose nucleus and ordering principle is the self, the 'monad' of the alchemists and Gnostics."

23 "The self is the total, timeless man and as such corresponds to the original, spherical, bisexual being who stands for the mutual integration of conscious and unconscious."

24 “All things proceed from the meditation of the One.”

25 "The urge and compulsion to self-realization is a law of nature and thus of invincible power."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite