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Collected Works
Carl Jung

1 "Wholeness wants to be transformed from a latent state of unconsciousness into an approximate consciousness of itself."

2 "The greatest and best thoughts of man shape themselves upon these primoridial images (the archetypes) as upon a blueprint."

3 "The opposites are necessarily of a characterilogical nature: the existence of a positive virtue implies victory over its opposite, the corresponding vice. Without its counterpart virtue would be pale, ineffective, and unreal." Mysterium Coniunctionis

4 "Christ is the perfect symbol of the hidden immortal within mortal man." 'Concerning Rebirth'

5 "Only a fool is interested in other people's guilt, since he cannot alter it. The wise man learns only from his own guilt. He will ask himself: Who am I that all this should happen to me? To find the answer to this fateful question he will look into his own heart."

6 "As the medical lore of the ancient Egyptians shows, myths as well as rites have a psychotherapeutic value, and they still have today."

7 "As I have already emphasized, the spontaneous symbols of the self, or of wholeness, cannot in practice be distinguished from a God-image."

8 "I believe in the Word become flesh, in the spirit-filled body, where yang and yin are wedded into a living form."

9 "The contents of the collective unconscious are the results of the psychic functioning of our whole ancestry; in their totality, they compose a natural world-image, the condensation of millions of years of human experience."

10 "God is near you, he is with you, he is within you." Seneca to Lucilius (Gummere translation)

11 "Man has the gift of thought, which can strive after the highest things."

12 “There is in fact one substance in which everything is contained.” ‘VIII Exercitatio in Turbam’

13 "The idea of the 'anima mundi' [soul of the world] coincides with that of the collective unconscious whose center is the self."

14 "The power of God reveals itself not only in the realm of the spirit, but in the fierce animality of nature both within man and outside him."

15 "That Jacob Boehme should obtain a glimpse into the center of nature by means of a sunbeam reflected in a tin platter is understandable."

16 “’As all things proceed from the One….so all things are born of this one thing’, says the ‘Tabula smaragdina’.”

17 "Love is the dynamism that most infallibly brings the unconscious to light."

18 "Just as conscious apprehension gives our actions form and direction, so unconscious apprehension through the archetype determines the form and direction of instinct."

19 "Self-realization or – what comes to the same thing – the urge to individuation gathers together what is scattered and multifarious, and exalts it to the original form of the One."

20 "Archetypal ideas are part of the indestructible foundations of the human mind. However long they are forgotten and buried, always they return….continually reproducing themselves in new forms representing the timeless truths that are innate in man's nature."

21 "When all visible lights are extinguished, one finds, according to the words of the wise Yajnavalkya, the light of the self."

22 "When I say as a psychologist that God is an archetype, I mean by that the 'type' in the psyche. The word 'type' is, as we know, derived from (the Greek word for) 'blow' or 'imprint'; thus an archetype presupposes an imprinter." 'Psychology and Alchemy'

23 "They are all from the One, and of the One, and with the One, which is the root of itself." 'Rosarium Philosophorem', medieval Alchemical text

24 "It is dawning on us that humanity is ONE, with ONE psyche."

25 "Light presupposes darkness. Darkness fosters vision, obscurity demands clarification, diversity calls for unity and discord for harmony."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite