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Lectures on Ancient Philosophy
Manly P. Hall

1 "Perfect consciousness is perfect realization of the nature and relationship of parts to the fundamental unity in which they exist."

2 "If a spiritual principle is omnipresent at all times, then no object can ever be moved so that it either approaches closer to or retires farther from spirit; for spirit has its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere."

3 "Intelligence exists in every department of creation. The entire universe is controlled by definite laws that evidence the omniscience of the Eternal Thinker."

4 “Every substance, object, element, and agent in the universe is capable of instructing us in those phases of divine order which are involved in its own constitution.”

5 “All things are one in essence.”

6 “The One and Undivided is the very foundation of manifested existence.”

7 "The glorious Universal Self is the One who is in all, the All which is in each."

8 “Humanity possesses the power to interpret the whole and can actually come to realize its kinship with all.”

9 “Man is eternally bound by his innate Reality to the Absolute, which is the fullness of Reality.”

10 “All is in All; All is All.” Rosicrucian saying

11 “The One Supreme Power manifesting throughout the cosmic organism should be considered as manifesting through all created things.”

12 “Perfect rhythms stream continually from the splendor of Abiding Destiny.”

13 “Think of religion as the universal adoration of creative principles common to all humanity.”

14 “There is but one spirit in the universe….there is but one consciousness.”

15 "Glory to the unchangeable, holy, eternal, supreme Vishnu, of one universal nature….Glory to the supreme Vishnu, the cause of the creation, existence, and the end of this world; who is the root of the world and who consists of the world." The Vishnu Purana

16 “The all-sufficiency of Universal Good is all-sufficing.”

17 “Plato maintained that the One is All-Being.”

18 "The aspiring soul seeks Self in the selflessness of the Great Law."

19 “Roundness partakes of the nature of wholeness because the circle or sphere (like wholeness) is without beginning or end. To think in round terms may be interpreted to mean keeping the mentality upon the level of greatest inclusiveness, ever striving to attain fuller inclusiveness.”

20 “In the midst of this ever-changing scene is an intangible but all-pervading and inclusive permanence – the divine Reality, the Self, the perfect Wholeness.”

21 “As each age comes into manifestation it brings with it a definite philosophic revelation designed to solve the problems peculiar to that age.”

22 “Since the generated world is a collective whole, if we apply the ears of our intellect to the world we shall, perhaps, hear it thus addressing us: ‘There is no doubt but I was composed from all animals, entirely sufficient to myself, and destitute of nothing;…All things are contained in my ample bosom.” Plotinus, ‘On Providence’

23 “The law of the soul is love.”

24 “God is all there is….God is the heavens and the earth, and all the creatures that inhabit them.” Anonymous East Indian sage

25 “Every human soul is innately divine.”

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite