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Lectures on Ancient Philosophy
Manly P. Hall

1 “The sure and eternal path winds through the illusion and leads ultimately to the attainment of perfect good.”

2 “Let us look at the world through the eyes of those dreamers who have dared to believe that the good in human nature would ultimately blossom forth and regenerate the entire social system.”

3 “The establishment of the mind in wholes (unities) is essential to right thinking.”

4 "The world is not the product of casual effort or the work of irrational fortune, but the offspring of an intellectual nature and a divine wisdom."

5 “Good continually inclines toward unity or wholeness.”

6 “To Be is to be immortal, for that which has been can never utterly cease.”

7 “God is all there is….God is the heavens and the earth, and all the creatures that inhabit them.” Anonymous East Indian sage

8 "The rational soul is necessarily unselfish because it conceives self to be distributed throughout the entire substance of Being."

9 “Beauty is in the human soul, lifting us upward to ever nobler vistas of endeavor.”

10 “The One Supreme Power manifesting throughout the cosmic organism should be considered as manifesting through all created things.”

11 “Roundness partakes of the nature of wholeness because the circle or sphere (like wholeness) is without beginning or end. To think in round terms may be interpreted to mean keeping the mentality upon the level of greatest inclusiveness, ever striving to attain fuller inclusiveness.”

12 "The gospel of tomorrow will be a gospel of one being."

13 “Humanity is the microcosm, or little universe – the miniature creation in whose composite nature are epitomized the varius orders of life.”

14 “That sages, widely separated geographically and with diverse environments and temperaments, should arrive at the same general conclusions attests the accuracy of their findings.”

15 “Plato maintained that the One is All-Being.”

16 "To know the nature of all things is to realize that all things are good."

17 “The law of the soul is love.”

18 “If learning does not teach us to love, we learn without understanding.”

19 “Every human soul is innately divine.”

20 “There is but one spirit in the universe….there is but one consciousness.”

21 "If a spiritual principle is omnipresent at all times, then no object can ever be moved so that it either approaches closer to or retires farther from spirit; for spirit has its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere."

22 “The great work of primitive Buddhism was to emphasize the fundamental unity of life through the doctrine of the One Universal Self.”

23 "Unborn and undying, the Self is neither old nor young. Its condition never changes; for though all things pass away, it endures. It is wholeness."

24 "In addition to the properties of length, breadth, and thickness, every object has also a quality extension toward the nature of perfect Good."

25 "The sum of all individual minds is the one Universal Mind, so that in the last analysis, gods, men, and worlds are each fragments of the whole."

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