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The Externalization of the Hierarchy
Alice A. Bailey

1 "Right human relations will come by a mutual recognition of mistakes, by sorrow for wrong action in the past, and by restitution, if possible. It will come when nations can be educated to appreciate the good qualities of other nations and to comprehend the part they play in the whole picture."

2 "The world is one world. Humanity is one unit in the evolutionary process."

3 "The true life-theme of humanity is brotherhood, founded on divine origin (equality) and leading to a free and true expression of divinity (liberty)."

4 "The sense of divinity is so dominant and inherent in the human heart that naught at any time can crush it out; life, experience, trial, pain and instinctive human orientation lead all finally back into the light of God."

5 "Call Them by what name you choose, the most cherished belief of humanity is that there exists in the world always and for ever a hidden Reality, Those Who have conquered death, Who possess illimitable powers to help, and Who can be reached by prayer and invocation."

6 "The produce of the world, the natural resources of the planet and its riches, belong to no one nation but should be shared by all."

7 "God is here, present among us and in all forms of expression.."

8 "The love demanded of us is neither emotional nor sentimental. It is intensely practical, and expresses itself in service and cooperative activity."

9 "God's Plan is all-embracing and His purposes are inclusive of all forms of life and their relationships."

10 "Each and all should develop the realisation that they are organic parts of one corporate whole and that they must contribute to that whole all they have and are. This concept is already present in the hearts of countless thousands and carries with it great responsibility. These realisations, when intelligently developed and wisely handled, will lead to right human relations."

11 "Divine Love is wisdom, understanding, and effective, skillful activity."

12 "One blood pours through human veins;…we are all the children of one Father….This basic unity must now be recognized."

13 "We are one people – one in our relationships, and capacities and desires, our origin and our goal. It is this essential and recognisable integrity which is emerging at this time powerfully in the human consciousness."

14 "The many aspects of human unfoldment and differentiation produce one noble whole, and all the parts of this whole are interdependent."

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