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Spiritual Pilgrims, Carl Jung & Teresa of Avila
John Welch, O. Carm.

1 "The resurrected Risen Christ is our final goal, our hope that we can make it through to wholeness, and our companion on that way. And the evidence that we have touched this goal is found in the quality of loving concern for those around us in every station of life." Morton Kelsey, Foreword

2 "We are each like a well that has its source in a common underground stream which supplies all. The deeper down the well I go, the closer I come to the source which puts me in contact with all other life."

3 "Healing which is experienced within the psyche is an expression of the healing love of God drawing the soul into union."

4 "If we think of ourselves as a word spoken by God, then in imaging and active imagination we are talking about ways of more clearly hearing the word we are."

5 "Fairy tales are the purest and simplest expression of collective unconscious psychic processes…..They represent the archetypes in their simplest, barest, and most concise form. In this pure form, the archetypal images afford us the best clues to the understanding of the processes going on in the collective psyche." Marie Louise vonFranz, 'Interpretation of Fairytales'

6 "In 1918-1919 Jung sketched a circular drawing in his notebook every morning. These mandalas gave him insight into the development of his personality, a sense of the meanings growing in him. 'My mandalas', he wrote, 'were cryptograms concerning the state of the self which were presented to me anew each day. In them I saw the self – that is, my whole being – actively at work.' ('Memories, Dreams, Reflections')"

7 "Full healing and complete meaning come, ultimately, only from God at the center."

8 "We can grow in awareness of the images which deeply affect us in our lives. They can be discovered, listened to , and incorporated into our ongoing story. In our dreams, in our loves, on our journeys, we are being addressed by images. They are inviting us to enter more deeply into our lives, to allow our stories to unfold."

9 "The butterfly is a theriomorphic symbol of the self. Its story is an allegory for the story of the psyche."

10 "The mandala focuses attention on the center. The circle allows a center to emerge and the center then organizes the chaos about it. Patterns of meaning develop in relationship to the center."

11 "The mystery lying at the heart of creation is present within our depths continually surprising and challenging us. The God at the core of our being acts as an inexhaustible spring flowing into our lives."

12 "The call from God to grow in a relationship with him reaches a person in a variety of ways. St. Teresa [of Avila] lists some of the ways: the words of good people, sermons, good books, illnesses, trials, moments in prayer. These occasions can speak to the heart and raise questions about oneself and life that call for a reorientation."

13 "Carl Jung spoke of a God-archetype within the psyche. The psyche has an affinity for God, a faculty for relationship with God."

14 "Healing comes from the mystery at the center."

15 "God calls us into life and into the fullness of our personhood."

16 "The union with God in the inner depths is experienced as a liberation."

17 "Christ is related to the individuation process in the psyches of contemporary men and women because of the pivotal role that the historical Jesus played in the development of human consciousness. Christ represents a significant breakthrough in the slow growth of consciousness in humanity."

18 "The psyche's movement to harmony and wholeness is a balancing of opposites."

19 "The mandala as a symbol of the self is the psyche's expression of its fundamental orientation to wholeness. Not only is it an expression of the goal, but it also indicates that the psyche has a built-in dynamism moving it toward its objective."

20 "Knowledge of God requires knowledge of self."

21 "As we tell our story we become that story."

22 "The psyche has a remarkable ability to weather the storms of life and to renew itself."

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