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Inner Reaches of Outer Space, Metaphor as Myth and as Religion
Joseph Campbell

1 By conforming perfectly to one's dharma (duty), as do the various animal species to theirs, the plants to theirs, and the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars to theirs, one at once supports the universe and is supported by it."

2 "The universally distinguishing characteristic of mythological thought and communication is an implicit connotation through all its metaphorical imagery of a sense of identity of some kind, transcendent of appearances, which unites behind the scenes the opposed actors on the world stage."

3 "As the imagery of a dream is metaphorical of the psychology of its dreamer, that of a mythology is metaphorical of the psychological posture of the people to whom it pertains."

4 "Plato tells of universal ideas, the memory of which is lost at birth but through philosophy may be recalled. These correspond to Bastian's 'Elementary Ideas' and Jung's 'Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious'."

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