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The Soul of the World
Pierre Teilhard deChardin

1 "It will not be long before no structure of truth or goodness can be built up without a central position being reserved for that soul [the soul of the world], for its influence and its universal mediation."

2 "Since all time, the poets have felt the presence of the soul of the world, in the solitude of the deserts, in nature's fruitful breath, in the fathomless swell of the human heart. Everywhere it asserted itself as a living thing….Every age has seen a group of men on whom its light has shone with a special radiance and who have accorded it a devotion that amounted to true worship. Every mystical system has to some degree been fed from the never-failing spring within us of love for the great whole of which we are a part. Throughout the centuries the soul of the world has constantly, from the manifold energy exerted by its magnetism, provided fuel for human enthusiasm and passion in their most intense form."

3 "A synthesizing and directing energy stirs up and impels creatures towards a higher state of unity."

4 "We must make no mistake about this: A Divinity is being born among us. A new (and age-old) star is rising in the consciousness of man, and nothing can escape its magnetic effect."

5 "We, and all living beings, are grafted upon one and the same Reality as tangible as our own substance."

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