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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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The Essential Steiner
Rudolf Steiner, edited by Robert A. McDermott
Basic writings of Rudolf Steiner, including 'Knowledge, Nature and Spirit', 'Spiritual Anthropology', 'Historical Vision', 'Esoteric Christianity' and 'Society and Education'

1 "Socrates says: 'When the soul, returning into itself, reflects, it goes straight to what is pure and everlasting and immortal.'"

2 "Human individuals, with the moral ideas belonging to their nature, are the prerequisites of a moral world order."

3 "Every human fellowship is inwardly related to the whole of humanity and to the wider world."

4 "Beings develop. God reveals Himself in their development. The process of evolution is the resurrection of God from the tomb."

5 "Everything man undertakes in order to awaken the eternal within him, he does in order to enhance the value of the world's existence…The force of his cognition is a higher, creative force in nature."

6 "Mankind has descended to the profoundest depths of personal necessity, of physical personality. But just such an egotistic, utilitarian principle had to come sometime, because through it, the ascending course of all human evolution will be facilitated."

7 "In the course of human evolution, the true Earth-mission is the evolution of love."

8 "If we look with rational insight more deeply into things, the eternal element in them is revealed to us."

9 "The manifold diversity of the things into which divine unity has been poured aspires towards unity and harmony through love."

10 "Were the ability to get along with one another not a basic part of human nature, no external laws would be able to implant it in us. It is only because human individuals ARE one in spirit that they can live out their lives side by side."

11 "When I observe a stone, a plant, an animal, a man, I should be able to remember that in each of them an eternal reality expresses itself."

12 "Eternal truths are symbolically expressed in traditional myths."

13 "The soul is the mother of the divine. Unconsciously it leads man to the divine, with the inevitability of a natural force."

14 "Spiritual life embraces everything which in one way or another lifts us out of our solitary egoism and draws us into community with other human beings."

15 "We cannot think out the concept of man completely without coming upon the free spirit as the purest expression of human nature."

16 "In the human soul are needs which cause people to seek each other out; people are united by experiencing similar needs."

17 "Moral goodness has its eternal value in itself."

18 "Where is this self? Is it within our skin? No, it is poured into the entire world, and what is in the world is linked to the self."

19 "The harmony of the world arises from opposites held in tension, as in the lyre and the bow. What depths are hidden in this image! By the harmonizing of divergent forces, unity is attained."

20 "Christ did not speak only during His time on earth; His utterance continues, and we must continue to listen for it."

21 "The divine lives in man, but in a human way. It is the force urging man to make himself ever more and more divine."

22 "All the individual forms that make their appearances belong to one single whole."

23 "The most profound idea of Christianity [is] that the Christ is the Spirit of the earth and that the earth is His body or vesture."

24 "When one considers the words, 'Know thyself', in the Greek, they do not mean that you stare into your own inner being, but that you fructify yourself with what streams into you from the spiritual world. 'Know thyself' means: Fructify yourself with the content of the spiritual world!"

25 "The more the soul fills itself with the true and the good, the wider and the more comprehensive becomes the eternal in it."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite