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Sheer Joy, Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality
Matthew Fox
Foreword by Rupert Sheldrake, Afterword by Bede Griffiths

1 "God deliberately brings about multitude and distinction in order that the divine goodness may be brought forth and shared in many measures. There is beauty in the very diversity." Thomas Aquinas, CT 1, 102

2 "To know God in some fashion is natural for the human intelligence no matter what state it is in." Thomas Aquinas, 'ST II, q. 13, a. 1, ad 1

3 "God wills that human beings exist for the sake of the perfection of the universe." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on the Letter to the Ephesians', 1.6a

4 "No person is in such darkness as to be completely devoid of divine light. The divine light shines in the darkness and radiates upon all." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on the Gospel of John', 1.5, n. 103

5 "Justice, truth, and compassion are the same in essence, and they have to do with whatever God makes in us. Thus truth and justice lie at the heart of the inner person." Matthew Fox

6 "Fear makes people slaves. Love sets them free." Thomas Aquinas, Sermo, p. 97

7 "In God's hand is the life of every living thing, and not only of the animals, but also the breath of all humanity." Thomas Aquinas, In Job 12, pp. 52-53

8 "Light is given to the sun not to shine alone on itself but also on the whole earth. So too, God wills that all our gifts of wealth, power, knowledge should benefit others." Thomas Aquinas, In 2 Cor, ch. 1, p. 301

9 "God acts in all things from within….God works at the heart of all activity." Thomas Aquinas, ST I, q. 105, a. 5

10 "Virtue increases by being exercised. If it is not exercised it grows weak." Thomas Aquinas, In Mt 25, p. 232

11 "We gaze at the heavens and the earth, 'Why then, how much greater must the One be who formed them!' (Wisdom 13:4)." Thomas Aquinas, CGII, ch. 2 n. 3

12 "The principal inclination of each part is toward common action conducive to the good of the whole." Thomas Aquinas, 'Summa Theologica', q. 26, a. 3

13 "Love…has no limit to its increase, since it is a participation in the infinite love that is the Holy Spirit." Thomas Aquinas, ST II-II, q. 24, a. 7

14 "The whole universe is like one principality and one kingdom, and must therefore be governed by one ruler." Thomas Aquinas, In Meta XII, L. 12, p. 925

15 "There is a kind of wealth or treasure hidden inside each one of us that must not be buried." Matthew Fox

16 "God contains all things and hugs them in an embrace." Thomas Aquinas, In Meta XII, L.12, p. 925

17 "Love, according to its very nature, causes peace." Thomas Aquinas, ST II-II, q. 29, a. 3, ad 3

18 "There is nothing that does not share in goodness and beauty. Each thing is good and beautiful by its proper form. Everything images the divine goodness in its way." Thomas Aquinas, DDN, n. 355, p. 115

19 "The intellectual soul as comprehending universals has a power extending to the infinite. Since our intellect is infinite in power, so it knows the infinite….Aristotle said that the soul is in a certain sense 'all things'. The human being is called 'a little world' because all creatures of the world are in a way found in the human being…indeed, each intellectual substance is, in a way, all things. For it may comprehend the entirety of being through its intellect." Thomas Aquinas, 'Summa Theologica', 'Summa contra Gentiles'

20 "The final end of all things is the divine goodness, toward which as toward a goal all journeys and particular ends toward which things are naturally inclined are ordered." Thomas Aquinas, DDN, n. 858, pp. 321-322

21 "God is the universal good, embracing pure spirits and humanity and all creatures. Every creature is entirely of God." Thomas Aquinas, ST I, q. 60, a. 5

22 "God's power is in every natural thing, since God is in all things by the divine essence, presence, and power." Thomas Aquinas, DP, q. 3, a. 7

23 "There is an indissoluble strength in the connection of things….by virtue of the one cause containing and assembling them into one." Thomas Aquinas, DDN

24 "There is no existing thing that does not have some virtue….The effects of the unfailing virtue of God proceed both to human beings and to animals, and to plants and to all natural things." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on Dionysius's Divine Names', n. 751, 755

25 "The image is a principle of our knowledge. It is that from which our intellectual activity begins, not as a passing stimulus, but as an enduring foundation…An image implies the idea of origin." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on Boethius's The Trinity', vi, 2, ad 5, & I, q. 35, a. 1

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