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Sheer Joy, Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality
Matthew Fox
Foreword by Rupert Sheldrake, Afterword by Bede Griffiths

1 "All things are subject to divine providence, not only in general, but even in their own individual selves." Thomas Aquinas, ST I, q. 22, a. 2

2 "The image is a principle of our knowledge. It is that from which our intellectual activity begins, not as a passing stimulus, but as an enduring foundation…An image implies the idea of origin." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on Boethius's The Trinity', vi, 2, ad 5, & I, q. 35, a. 1

3 "The only person who truly has joy is one who lives in love." Thomas Aquinas, DC, 35

4 "There is a kind of wealth or treasure hidden inside each one of us that must not be buried." Matthew Fox

5 "Love…has no limit to its increase, since it is a participation in the infinite love that is the Holy Spirit." Thomas Aquinas, ST II-II, q. 24, a. 7

6 "The Cosmic Christ represents a primary archetype of the mystical tradition in the West."

7 "These (morphic) fields, according to the hypothesis of formative causation, contain an inherent memory, a kind of pooled or collective memory of the species. They organize not only bodily development but also instinctive behavior and mental activity….Tthere is no doubt that much of the medieval conception of the soul as an invisible animating principle has been carried over into the field concept. This is particularly clear in the case of magnets, which were believed from ancient times until the seventeenth century to have magnetic souls within and around them. Today we would say that the properties of magnets depend on the magnetic fields within and around them. In the context of electro-magnetic fields, and particularly the properties of such fields expressed in holograms, I find (Thomas) Aquinas opens up an amazing vista of thought by inviting us to compare the pervasive nature of the soul with that of God: 'The whole human soul is in the whole body and also in every part of the body, just as God is present to the entire universe." See Rupert Sheldrake's 'A New Science of Life, Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1982, and 'The Presence of the Past', New York: Vintage, 1989

8 "The principal inclination of each part is toward common action conducive to the good of the whole." Thomas Aquinas, 'Summa Theologica', q. 26, a. 3

9 "Justice is our pathway to God." Matthew Fox

10 "God's power is in every natural thing, since God is in all things by the divine essence, presence, and power." Thomas Aquinas, DP, q. 3, a. 7

11 "Reason is nothing other than the light of divine brightness reflected in the soul." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on the Psalms', 36, p. 279

12 "I myself find it helpful to compare the field aspect of physical reality to the Logos, the Word, the formative principle. The energy aspect of reality, with energy as the principle of flow, change, and activity, is like an aspect of the Spirit. Both come from and relate back to a unifying source." Rupert Sheldrake

13 "Every single creature leads to the knowledge of the first and highest One, which is infinite in every perfection." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on Peter Lombard's Book of Sentences', III Sent. 1.3, ad 3

14 "The saints understand through their experiences how much God loves us." Thomas Aquinas, In Jn 17.23, n. 2250

15 "Virtue increases by being exercised. If it is not exercised it grows weak." Thomas Aquinas, In Mt 25, p. 232

16 "The nature of things is not subject to human power, but only to divine power, whose will all things obey." Thomas Aquinas, ST II-II, q. 66, a. 1

17 "There is nothing that does not share in goodness and beauty. Each thing is good and beautiful by its proper form. Everything images the divine goodness in its way." Thomas Aquinas, DDN, n. 355, p. 115

18 "When we are drawn to the sweetness, beauty, and goodness of creatures, how boldly we ought to be borne away to the One in whom all these little streams commingle and course!" Thomas Aquinas, 'Summa contra Gentiles', ch. 2, n. 4

19 "God deliberately brings about multitude and distinction in order that the divine goodness may be brought forth and shared in many measures. There is beauty in the very diversity." Thomas Aquinas, CT 1, 102

20 "It should be noted that there is a certain hand of divine guidance, as in Wisdom 7: 'We are indeed in God's hand, we ourselves and our words, with all our understanding too, and technical knowledge.'" Thomas Aquinas, In Jer 16, p. 619

21 "Choice seems to lie at the core of the creative process." Matthew Fox

22 "The whole universe is like one principality and one kingdom, and must therefore be governed by one ruler." Thomas Aquinas, In Meta XII, L. 12, p. 925

23 "The entire universe is one dominion and realm, governed by one ruler." Thomas Aquinas, In Meta XII, L. 12, p. 925

24 "Our capacity to birth – including the birthing of virtue – derives from the very Creator and artist of all things, including the human being." Matthew Fox

25 "God is known through the knowledge we have, since whatever falls into our knowing, we receive as brought from God." Thomas Aquinas, DDN, n. 731, p. 274

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