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The Spiritual Universe
Fred Alan Wolf, Ph. D.
Quantum physics and the existence of the Soul

1 "According to many historians, our ancient forebears saw God everywhere, in all nature and in all the universe."

2 "Our souls are immortal and capable of living in one form of paradise or another even after our bodies have long decayed. I suspect that most people believe in an immortal soul in some form."

3 "The one and only has many faces."

4 "Indeed, the idea of the soul is perhaps the single, most significant concept of our time: one that needs a current, scientifically relevant and heart-centered spiritual view."

5 "I see, objectively, how much of the physical universe works. That perspective gives me a certain peace of mind in knowing that the universe is not an accident and that human life is meaningful and purposeful."

6 "The holographic notion resurfacing today, pars pro toto (the part contains the whole), was well accepted in ancient prephilosophic times."

7 "The one eternal soul with one eternal consciousness is a fundamental reality."

8 "How I share myself with the world creates my world."

9 "All these nearly countless separately conscious souls are illusions, reflections of one soul with singular consciousness lasting throughout the span of time that our universe persists."

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