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Theosophy, A Modern Expression of the Wisdom of the Ages
Robert Ellwood
Dr. Robert Ellwood is Bashford Professor of Oriental Studies in the School of Religion at the University of Southern California. In this book, he gives a theosophical overview of creation, as well as a Theosophical interpretation of the Oneness of all life.

1 “A core of truth lies in all religions.”

2 “In their divine essence all humans are equal.”

3 “To know the Buddha is to know that all sentient beings are buddhas; to love Christ is to see Christ in all.”

4 "Growth involves inward transformation and living in accordance with the spirit of the oneness of all being that the truth implies."

5 "All we do in the way of selfless compassion and service will bring as its logical consequence enhanced experience of the basic Oneness through enhanced awareness….Here is at work the paradoxical but crucial truth inculcated by all spiritual masters, that he who gives up his life for the sake of higher things will find it, and find it a hundredfold."

6 "One infinite… Reality underlies and unites all that is or can ever be."

7 "Love is no more and no less than the ethical expression of oneness."

8 “The great initiated souls who founded the great religions embodied the same essential truth under many different guises.”

9 "Behind the symbols and languages of the world's manifold religions lies a common pattern of pointers to ultimate truth."

10 “The fact that all persons are eternal Pilgrims and expressions of the divine within justifies the importance for the equal treatment of all regardless of race, sex, or creed.”

11 "The universe is like a magic hall of mirrors in which the reality of each entity, each Pilgrim, depends on the way he reflects all the other mirrors from a particular angle."

12 “Love is action based on recognition of the oneness of my life with another’s, that what the other suffers I must suffer, and that what I do for the other I do for myself, since our lives are bound together and share in the same divine nature.”

13 “Everything we can do for good, however tiny, will not be lost.”

14 “The One is the underlying reality beneath the infinite variations.”

15 "Compassion and service are the ethical expression of Unity, awarness of the illusive nature of all that seems to separate and differentiate."

16 “All jobs provide opportunity to spread good will among fellow-workers and those one meets by a friendly smile and a helping hand.”

17 “The unity of the universe is its most basic reality.”

18 "Changes are not random or purposeless, for they are all under the One Law which runs through all that is."

19 "The universe is a great concourse of interconnected being, larger and smaller, inner and outer."

20 "Whatever we do of creativity or love is inspired however unconsciously by the divine within."

21 "The atom, the molecule, the cell, the body, the community, the planet, the solar system – all are in intimate and necessary relation to each other….The greater could not exist without the smaller, nor the smaller without the larger system that shapes it."

22 "Behind all religion lies the selfsame reality, the primal awareness of the divine Ground of being."

23 “The universe is a mirror in which the Absolute – God, if you wish – knows itself.”

24 "Symbol is a very important word in the world's religious and spiritual traditions. The word literally means in Greek 'falls with', suggesting something which bears with it more than itself… interact with a symbol, in other words, is to interact with more than the thing itself; it also brings one in touch with another reality."

25 "Oneness of the universe is more fundamental than its diversity, so what is most widespread and most expresses unity among the spiritual and philosophical traditions of the Earth is most true."

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