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Toward A Perfect Love
Walter Hilton
Translated and intruduced by David L. Jeffrey, this book is a modern translation of Walter Hilton's classic mystical work, 'The Ladder of Perfection', also known as 'The Scale of Perfection'.

1 "Your soul, my soul, any person's rational soul, is an image. And it is a most worthy image, for it is the image of God. As the apostle says, man is 'the image and glory of God'. (1 Corinthians 11:7)"

2 "Your soul is really just a mirror in which you are enabled to see God spiritually."

3 "God has sent a fire of love, a good desire and great will to please him, into the human soul. And this is his purpose, that this fire should be recognized, preserved, nourished, and strengthened."

4 "'I covet nothing – but One.' You ought to have the meaning of these words in your intention and soul's habit always."

5 "Our Lord has put into your heart a little spark of this blessed fire – that is, himself."

6 "By humble, ordinary good works the love of God is nourished in many hearts."

7 "The more fully and clearly you are able to reflect on the nature and worthiness of your rational soul, and come to know it, the better you will see your real self."

8 "Man is in the image of God, and made according to the likeness and image of Him – in the faculties of inner being."

9 "He is within all creatures, maintaining and preserving them in their being by the intricate, ingenious powers of his own blessed invisible nature."

10 "Our Lord God shaped mankind in soul to his own image and likeness."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite