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Hildegard of Bingen, Mystical Writings
Fiona Bowie and Oliver Davies, editors
Hildegard's sense of the unity of creation and of the goodness of the natural world make her especially important for us today.

1 “The dynamic life-force is ultimately the living energy of God.” Editors

2 “The source of our life is the same as the life-source of all things: namely, the divine ebullience, the overflow of divine light and love.” Editors

3 “All living creatures are, so to speak, sparks from the radiation of God’s brilliance, and these sparks emerge from God like the rays of the sun.” Hildegard of Bingen

4 "The soul has been stationed inside the work of the Lord's hands."

5 "God…is the unique life from which all life takes its breath, just as a ray comes from the sun."

6 “The Holy Spirit is life that gives life, moving all things. It is the root in every creature and purifies all things….It is radiant life, worthy of praise, awakening and enlivening all things.” Hildegard of Bingen

7 "That man who has seen through his understanding (which is the inner eye) what is hidden to external sight, and does not waver in this… - THIS is faith."

8 "All the living sparks are rays of His splendour, just as the rays of the sun proceed from the sun itself."

9 “Men and women possess the power of reason, which is the noblest element in the soul.” Editors

10 "And in me, Love, all things are reflected and my splendour reveals the design of things, just as the reflection indicates their form."

11 "Our own nature, the rhythms of our minds and bodies, are an echo of the greater rhythm of the natural world; we do not exist in isolation, but are parts of an ecompassing whole." Fiona Bowie and Oliver Davies, introduction

12 “Wisdom teaches in the light of love.” Hildegard of Bingen

13 “Humanity contains within itself elements of the universe as a whole.” Editors

14 "His work blossoms in man whom He made in His own image and likeness and in whom He expressed all creation according to fixed measure."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite