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Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas
Anton C. Pegis, editor

1 "Every creature intends to acquire its own perfection, which is the likeness of the divine perfection and goodness. Therefore the divine goodness is the end of all things."

2 "Knowledge takes place according as the thing known is in the knower."

3 "The principal good in things themselves is the perfection of the universe."

4 "The soul is in some manner all things."

5 "All things, by desiring their own perfection, desire God, inasmuch as the perfections of all things are so many similitudes of the divine being."

6 "A natural desire cannot be in vain. Therefore every intellectual substance is incorruptible."

7 "Good is found in things not only as regards their substance, but also as regards their order towards an end, which is the divine goodness."

8 "Goodness expresses perfection, which is something desirable, and hence it expresses something final."

9 "The very order of things created by God shows the unity of the world."

10 "Even matter, as a potentiality to good, has the nature of good."

11 "Ideas are certain original forms or permanent and immutable models of things which are contained by the divine intelligence. They are immutable because they themselves have not been formed; and that is why they are eternal and always the same. But though they themselves neither come to be nor perish, yet it is accordfing to them that everything, which can come to be or pass away or which actually comes to be and passes away, is said to be formed." St. Augustine, Lib. 83 Quaest., q. 46

12 "The will of God is the universal cause of all things; it is impossible that the divine will should not produce its effect."

13 "Ideas are exemplars existing in the divine mind."

14 "God is very being; everything is in so far as it participates in the likeness of God."

15 "All things are seen in God as in an intelligible mirror….for each thing is known in so far as its likeness is in the one who knows."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite