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The Ancient Wisdom
Annie Besant
An outline of Theosophical teachings

1 "Nothing is real but the one Life that we seek for and love unconsciously under its many veils."

2 "The One underlies all the diversities of external nature."

3 "All things live in rhythmical vibrations, all seek the harmonious and are repelled by dissonance."

4 "Nothing can exist in which the Deity is not immanent…the Soul is present in the divine Idea."

5 "Symbolically, in the infinite ocean of light, with centre everywhere and with circumference nowhere, there arises a full-orbed sphere of living light, a Logos, and the surface of the sphere is His will to limit Himself that He may become manifest, His veil in which He incloses Himself that within it a universe may take form."

6 "The Self is a living beam of the one Light and Life of the universe."

7 "A survey of the great religions of the world shows that they hold in common many religious, ethical, and philosophical ideas." Annie Besant, 'The Ancient Wisdom', Theosophical Publishing House 1983, p. 2

8 "Until man has found the real Self, his own unreality makes him subject to illusions."

9 "Man remains forever free at the centre."

10 "We are one in our origin, one in the method of our evolution, one in our goal."

11 "The consciousness of this inner unity, the recognition of the One Self dwelling equally in all, is the one sure foundation of Brotherhood."

12 "The One is the perfect chord of Being, of infinite melodious concords, all turned to a single note, in which Life and Wisdom and Bliss are blended into one keynote of Existence."

13 "The eternal Existence is proclaimed in the Chhandogyopanishad as 'One only, without a second.'"

14 "The One Self is in all."

15 "All are One and are knotted in One, nor are they separated one from another." The Zohar

16 "Strength and calm and wisdom come to those who behold with opened eyes the glory of the Good Law."

17 "The life of the Logos abiding in each form is its central, controlling, and directing energy."

18 "Those who learn the truth about their own nature become free."

19 "Pure love brought the universe into being, pure love maintains it, pure love draws it upwards towards perfection, towards bliss."

20 "Man is a dignified, immortal being, evolving towards a divinely glorious end."

21 "The one who is wise by love rises above all petty differences, and sees all drawing their life from the one source, all as part of his family."

22 "It is infolded Deity that is the guarantee of humanity's final triumph; this is the hidden motive power that makes evolution at once possible and inevitable, the upward-lifting force that slowly overcomes every obstacle and every difficulty."

23 "Life is one, it streams out perpetually as the free outpouring of the love of the Logos."

24 "The one Life takes on countless limitations, each right in its own place and time."

25 "The Founders of the great religions are members of the one Brotherhood."

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