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Call to the Heights, Guidance on the Pathway to Self-illumination
Geoffrey Hodson

1 “Humanity is made in God’s image.”

2 “This One Alone is no mere philosophic abstraction, but a Reality.”

3 "Our earth and everything upon it…are intimately linked together."

4 “Love is the mightiest power of all.”

5 “The one real world is always there in its undivided wholeness.”

6 “Humanity will one day become illumined by realization of oneness and moved by its expression as love for all other forms of life.”

7 “This is the great call, this is the voice which is never still – namely a call to attain to maximum effectiveness as a member of the human race on behalf of one’s fellowmen and younger brothers of the animal kingdom.”

8 "God is Life, and the forms of nature are but the tabernacles in which Deity is enshrined."

9 “The bond of unity intimately relates all beings.”

10 “Only One exists.”

11 "Immortal and eternally continuing being, and an over-all universal identity are unthinkingly natural at all levels of awareness 'above' that of conceptual thought."

12 “Gentleness, tenderness, caring deeply – these are the ways, however humble, by which the very best in a person’s life can shine forth.”

13 “All life within all forms is One Life.”

14 “No matter how different forms may appear, the Life of this universe is One Life.”

15 “Spiritual light has an interior origin and perpetually shines. It is the radiation from the purest spirit-Self.”

16 "The One Life is THAT which is everywhere without limit, ever-existing without beginning or end, and – though words inevitably fail – ever-inclusive, implying that there is nowhere and no time at whch it does not exist."

17 “Nightmares will begin to give way to day, as the sunshine of wisdom revealing Oneness dawns upon the human mind.”

18 "The whole of humanity advances, however slightly, as each single human being progresses upon the spiritual pathway."

19 "As humanity quite naturally travels the evolutionary pathway, this state of realized oneness will become more easily attained."

20 “The Bhagavad Gita or the Lord’s Song states: ‘…And whoso thus discerns Me in all, and all in Me, I never let him go; nor loosens he hold upon Me.”

21 “A truly awakened person is one who freely gives light, life, wisdom, knowledge, encouragement, and the outstretched hand to all with whom he comes into contact….the Divine shines out in him, awakening the aspiration to enlightenment in all those who are able to perceive it.”

22 "Oneness exists and rules completely and without escape."

23 "The very Life Essence in the aspiring soul is identical with that in every other being throughout all the kingdoms of nature."

24 “Oneness binds all human beings together.”

25 "The cause of almost all human destructiveness and sorrow can be traced to absence of the knowledge that division is an error and oneness is the fact concerning human life – indeed all life."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite