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Isis Unveiled
Helena P. Blavatsky

1 "Matter is nothing more than the.. effect of the emanative energy of the Deity."

2 "There is an intelligence or mind, the first principle of all principles, the Supreme Idea on which all other ideas are grounded; the Monarch and Lawgiver of the universe; the ultimate substance from which all things derive their being and essence, the first and efficient Cause of all the order, and harmony, and beauty, and excellency, and goodness, which pervades the universe."

3 "The human mind has, under the necessary operation of its own laws, been compelled to entertain the same fundamental ideas, and the human heart to cherish the same feelings in all ages."

4 "Even so small a thing as the birth of one child upon our planet has its effect upon the universe, as the whole universe has its own reactive influence upon him."

5 "God fills up the whole creation, for he is in all, and all is in him."

6 "We express the likeness of the divine nature in which the very Best Creator, from the archetype of his own mind, engraved with his finger (that is, his spirit), the eternal law of honesty; by this we are joined to God and made one with God." Origen, 'Sixth Epistle to the Romans'

7 "Every particle contains God within itself."

8 "Deity is the central and immortal germ of all that exists in the universe."

9 "The love of truth is inherently the love of good; and so predominating over every desire of the soul, purifying it and assimilating it to the divine, thus governing every act of the individual, it raises humanity to a participation and communion with Divinity."

10 "The will of the Creator, through which all things were made and received their first impulse, is the property of every living being."

11 "The myth is the undisclosed thought of the soul. The characteristic trait of the myth is to convert reflection into history."

12 "The real selfhood is at the basis of all."

13 "You have in yourself something similar to God, and therefore use yourself as the temple of God. The greatest honor which can be paid to God is to know and imitate his perfection." Sextus the Pythagorean

14 "God is in all things, as the ancients have observed it with a worthy correctness."

15 "Whoever you are that desires to dive into the inmost parts of nature; if what you seek you find not within you, you will never find it without. If you know not the excellence of your own house, why seek after the excellence of other things?" Abipili, medieval Arabian Alchemist

16 "The forces of the universe are ever in perfect harmony with the one great Immutable Law."

17 "The universe is the combination of a thousand elements, and yet the expression of a single spirit."

18 “Freemasonry proclaims, as it has proclaimed from its origin, the existence of a creative principle, the great Architect of the universe.”

19 "Everything is drawn to its like, and converges with natures congenial to itself. Out of this sympathy and antipathy arises a constant movement in the whole world, and in all its parts, and uninterrupted communion which produces universal harmony. …one thing affects another one, even at great distances, notwithstanding the intervening space."

20 "Not a nation, not a people, nor the most abject tribe, but after their own fashion has believed in an Unseen God, the First cause of unerring and immutable laws, and in the immortality of our spirit. No creed, no false philosophy, no religious exaggerations, could ever destroy that feeling. It must, therefore, be based upon an absolute truth."

21 "There never was nor ever will be a truly philosophical mind, whether of Pagan, Jew or Christian, but has followed the same path of thought. Gautama-Buddha is mirrored in the precepts of Christ; Paul and Philo Judaeus are faithful echoes of Plato, and Ammonius Saccas and Plotinus won their immortal fame by combining the teachings of all these grand masters of true philosophy. 'Prove all things; hold fast that which is good,' ought to be the motto of all brothers on earth."

22 "The undercurrent of this world is set toward one goal; and inside of humanity is a power almost infinite, a holy faith capable of apprehending the supremest truths of all existence."

23 "One nature delights in another, one nature overcomes another, one nature overrules another, and the whole of them are One." Synesius

24 "The soul, which is immortal, has an arithmetical, as the body has a geometrical, beginning. This beginning, as the reflection of the great universal Archaeus, is self-moving, and from the centre diffuses itself over the whole body of the microcosm."

25 "The unity of God, the immortality of the spirit, belief in salvation only through our works, merit and demerit; such are the principal articles of faith of the Wisdom-religion."

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