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A Course in Miracles - A Gift For All Mankind
Tara Singh

1 "By discovering who you are, you will see the beauty, the holiness, and the eternity in others. In eternity, there is truly no other. There is only One Life in which everything is related to everything else." "

2 "The only reality is the Will of God which eternally extends itself."

3 "Whom God remembers must be whole. And God has never forgotten what makes Him whole. In your completion lies the memory of His Wholeness and His gratitude to you for His completion."

4 "Reciting a lot of words is not prayer. Love is the real prayer. It is effective instantly."

5 "Life is One."

6 "We are part of the Mind and the Will of God in which there is no separation. Nothing is outside of it."

7 "We are all in extension of the One Life, and we can see peace instead of separation."

8 "Pray for all government leaders – that they will make decisions consistent with love, consistent with life. Your prayers and goodwill have their effect….Bless everything that lives and shares life with you upon this planet….Pray for everyone."

9 "The impact of one encounter has the power to bring us to holy relationship with everyone in the world, because Life is One and Love, indivisible."

10 "The world needs us to start extending wholeness, because that is what we are."

11 "Love renews itself all the time. How many billion breaths are taken every second! Can you sense the energy behind them? Every split second the planets are rotating. With what energy! Can you conceive of it? That is what love is: that kind of energy."

12 "We all have a faculty or clarity called 'reason' that can correct our misperceptions and reactions. According to Eternal Laws, the very function of right reason is to correct error."

13 "You are as much a part of the Mind of God as any prophet that ever lived."

14 "In ancient times, the Greeks and Chinese, the Hebrews and the Hindus knew that virtue brings happiness."

15 "Fill your heart with gratefulness. A gladness will flower that you have never known before. Then you have something to give to the world: your gratefulness, your gladness, your joy. The world needs them."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite