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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Thomas Aquinas, Spiritual Master
Robert Barron

1 "It is only when we human beings fully acknowledge that we are good precisely as God made us that we can relate properly to the Creator."

2 "The creature is nothing but a relationship to God….relation, not substance, is the primary category of reality….From the beginning, all 'things' already are relations to the divine source. We are most ourselves precisely when we acknowledge that what we are, most fundamentally, is a rapport, a play, a dynamic relation to God."

3 "Whatever is in motion is in fact always and inevitably moved by God."

4 "God is irresistibly present to the will precisely as the ground of the will, precisely as the ultimate good that is always desired in any concrete act of the will." Introduction

5 "All the created universe swims, as it were, in the ocean of the divine being."

6 "The images of created things are in the divine mind 'before' the created things themselves, acting indeed as their archetypes….God does not stand outside of the world, deriving knowledge from it; on the contrary, the world derives its being from the knowledge of it that God continually pours into it."

7 "Whether we are saints or sinners, whether we seek fame or wealth or spiritual wisdom, whether we live responsibly or irresponsibly, we are inevitably drawn to God as to our final end. The mountain of encounter, union with the divine, is written into our souls; there is, if you will, a picture, an icon, of this 'place' in our hearts, and we follow it whether we want to or not."

8 "All ground is holy ground, all places are holy places, all times are sacred times."

9 "All individual acts of the will rest upon, depend upon, the final and all-embracing desire for the good itself – which is none other than God." Introduction

10 "At the root of ourselves, there is nothing but newness of being."

11 "God is present to us even in our most dramatic rebellion; we are riding the wave of God's unavoidable presence to us."

12 "The world – in all of its particularity and peculiarity, in each of its nooks and crannies – is filled, every moment and in the most intimate way possible, with the sustaining presence of God."

13 "Love is the elemental and grounding force, the deepest 'personality' and energy of the will."

14 "God is the magnet luring the universe into the future."

15 "There is nothing in the world, in nature, in the cosmos, in us, that is not, in every detail, the result of God's creative act. There is, consequently, nothing that is finally 'secular' or 'profane'; instead, everything is, in principle, at the root of its being, sacred."

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