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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Basic Theosophy
Geoffrey Hodson

1 "Man, in his essential spiritual nature, is as a seed of the Deity."

2 "The One Life has been described as a conscious, hypersensitive, electric, creative energy. All effects, pleasurable or painful, produced upon one living creature are communicated by this electric, telegraphic Life-force, elan vital, throughout the whole of manifested life."

3 "This is the way of happiness and of the fulfilment of life: 'He that is greatest among you shall be your servant.' (Matthew 23:11)."

4 "Oneness is the supreme truth."

5 "Actions which help and heal others and which preserve and restore, when disturbed, the harmony of the Universe, are in accord with cosmic purpose and so produce happiness, which is moreness, fullness, and accord. One should therefore be harmonious and a harmoniser. Herein lies the individual contribution to the solution of the problem of war; for when the harmonisers become a majority peace will reign."

6 "Despite its denial by man, the fact of oneness remains. From that unity, that one Source, is derived the God-Self of man, the Inner Ruler Immortal. From and through that Immortal Self, Power from the One Source is flowing."

7 "Man is a God-in-the-becoming. This, the ancient Sages taught, is the destiny of man: fully to make manifest his inherent powers."

8 "Always be kinder than the situation demands. Earth's greatest Teachers and Sages have taught this."

9 "The purpose and goal of human life is the evolution of the human Soul to the stature of the Perfect Man – a state of complete fulfilment and highest development."

10 "The Lord Buddha said: 'To those who revile me, I will give the protection of my most ungrudging love. And the greater their hostility, the greater shall be the measure of my love.'"

11 "However terrible the sin and sorrow on earth may be, all things are somehow working together for the eventual good of all."

12 "The present dark period will pass as the human intellect increasingly transcends the prideful, acquisitive, separative attributes of the formal mind, and develops the powers of the synthesizing, prophetic, intuitive faculties of the Abstract or Higher Mind."

13 "Indeed, no one ever sincerely cries for light in vain."

14 "The person who successfully probes his own inner nature and existence back to its Centre and Core, finds one single source of all men, all beings, all existence. Unity then emerges as the supreme verity, the everlasting truth."

15 "Man is indeed a mystery, since he contains germinally within himself all his Creator's manifested attributes and powers and, in addition, those which will continue to become manifest throughout unending ages."

16 "All beings are synthesized to constitute one great Intelligence."

17 "All things are located everywhere. Everything is all, and all is each thing; infinite splendour is radiated around. Everything is great, for even the small is great." Plotinus

18 "In very truth, recognition and ratification in conduct of the fact of the oneness of all life is the panacea."

19 "We live in God. That's what we breathe."

20 "Actions motived by love, service and unselfishness produce a growing freedom of self-expression."

21 "The whole Universe with all its parts…is interlocked, interwoven, to make a single whole, one body, one organism, one life, one consciousness, cyclicly evolving under one law."

22 "All manifested divine Power, Life and Consciousness, and so all human Spirits, radiate from the One Source."

23 "There is nowhere in which to be lost. God is omnipresent."

24 "Perfection is the assured goal of every human being."

25 "The growth and the splendour of the immortal soul of man are without limit."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite