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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Basic Theosophy
Geoffrey Hodson

1 "In the age and evolutionary phase of wisdom which is now dawning, man will realise the fact of unity and learn consciously to draw upon and wield the power from the One Source."

2 "As a captain must know both his ship and his charted course, so man must know himself and his pathway in life."

3 "All experience is valuable; nothing is wasted, even if it appears so, for silently the seed is developing. Thus, life is educative in the truest sense."

4 "Every sprouting seed, every wheeling planet, every ordinary movement of the natural world, every noble aspiration of the human heart, is an expression of energy of the ever-present, ever-active Soul of the Universe." Archdeacon Wilberforce, Anglican spiritual leader

5 "The Lord Buddha said: 'To those who revile me, I will give the protection of my most ungrudging love. And the greater their hostility, the greater shall be the measure of my love.'"

6 "The deity-to-be is already present embryonically within every human being."

7 "Spiritually man is one with God and the goal of life in terms of consciousness is fully to know, deeply to realise, and so physically to live in recollection of this truth."

8 "All are one. Minerals, plants, animals, men, supermen, angels, archangels, worlds, suns, stars and galaxies – all are one, inseparably united……This is the sublime truth, the Master fact – all are one."

9 "God IS all-powerful, all-loving and all-wise. There IS a Plan – Evolution – and despite human resistance that Plan is certain to succeed."

10 "Oneness is the supreme truth."

11 "What part should man play in the scheme of things? Selfless collaboration with the evolutionary plan."

12 "All beings are synthesized to constitute one great Intelligence."

13 "The principle of unfoldment under the irresistible pressure of a propellant energy operates from within the innermost essence of the Universe, and the spiritual seeds of all beings."

14 "Even a partial realisation of the unity of life blends a person mentally and spiritually with his fellowmen and with Nature. At the same time, it endows him with power which he can use in character-correction and character-building."

15 "The purpose and goal of human life is the evolution of the human Soul to the stature of the Perfect Man – a state of complete fulfilment and highest development."

16 "Wise was the injunction of the Mystery Schools of old, 'Man know thyself'; for when man truly knows himself, he knows all."

17 "Just as the acorn under proper conditions will produce out of itself a complete reproduction of its parent tree, which in its turn can produce hundreds of thousands of further acorns each similarly endowed, so the spiritual soul of man contains within itself in a latent or seed-like state the full potentiality of its divine source."

18 "Neither individuals nor nations are paralysed by their past actions. Everything is not irretrievably fated, however good or bad the past. Man can master circumstances and make of each experience an opportunity for a fresh beginning, however heavily the past may weigh upon him."

19 "Send out affection to all – flooding every living creature with the power of love."

20 "All beings come forth from the One."

21 "Always be kinder than the situation demands. Earth's greatest Teachers and Sages have taught this."

22 "There is nowhere in which to be lost. God is omnipresent."

23 "A profound, fundamental truth concerning man is that, in his spiritual, intellectual, psychical and physical nature he is a miniature replica or epitome of the whole order of created beings and things."

24 "Cultivate a state of goodwill to all. Never by thought or word or deed hurt another."

25 "God and man are one and indivisible throughout all eternity. This is the one supreme truth taught in all Mystery Schools and in all religions."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite