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On Man In The Universe
Aristotle, edited w/ intro by Louise Ropes Loomis
This book includes excerpts from Aristotle's 'Metaphysics', 'Ethics', 'Politics' and 'Poetics'

1 "No one would start to do anything, if he did not expect to reach some end." 'Metaphysics', Bk II

2 "Only the region of the sense world close around us is always in a state of birth and death and this is hardly a fraction of the whole." 'Metaphysics', Bk. 4, ch. 5

3 "It is all intelligently ordered like one great household for the good of the whole, each member having his place, small or large, in the vast design." Introduction

4 "Nature herself can be felt as a power presiding over the molding of her budding and growing creatures, suiting their physical structure to the lives they have to live, and endowing them with strength and soul proportionate to the tasks she intends them to perform." Introduction to 'On Man In The Universe' by Aristotle, Wm. J. Black 1971, p. xxv

5 "We have evidence everywhere of something working steadfastly within it (the world) toward a predetermined goal of goodness and perfection. Why otherwise does the usual season of rainfall come in time to bring on the farmer's crops?....The most important causes are in fact not the material, but the formal and final causes, the influence on substances of ends ahead, of purposes they are meant to achieve, of potentialities they are trying to make actual. As a builder frames in his mind a picture of a house, and holds to it as the reason for each subsequent step he takes, so nature pursues a course set by that which is yet to be."

6 "The actuality of thought is life and God Is that actuality."

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