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A God Within
Rene Dubos
A positive philosophy for a more complete fulfillment of human poetentials.

1 "Whatever their religious or philosophical allegiance, all people know that there would be little chance of improving the world if it were not for the faith derived from the god within."

2 "There exists in the human mind a prefiguration of reality, an interior imagery of nature."

3 "Motivation and free will are more important than behavioral determinism in shaping the course of human life."

4 "The cosmos is a gigantic organism evolving according to laws which are valid everywhere and therefore generate a universal harmony."

5 "Nations are mystical entities, with a divine origin."

6 "Each part of our planet is related to every other part."

7 "The inner structure of a given system – man, society, or place – exerts a governing influence on its further development."

8 "Each person's smile at a particular moment constitutes a unique event in the history of mankind."

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