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Works of Love
Soren Kierkegaard

1 "Your neighbor is every man….He is your neighbor on the basis of equality with you before God;…this equality absolutely every man has, and he has it absolutely."

2 "One's neighbour is all men, unconditionally every human being."

3 "Everyone is one's neighbour."

4 "Love is the origin of everything, and spiritually understood love is the deepest ground of the life of the spirit."

5 "Love's command forbids despair – by commanding one to love. Who would have this courage without the eternal?....Your love has an eternal worth."

6 "Every man is your neighbor. In being king, beggar, scholar, rich man, poor man, male, female, etc., we do not resemble each other – therein we are all different. But in being a neighbour we are all unconditionally like each other."

7 "There is a place in a human being's most inward depths; from this place proceeds the life of love."

8 "Christian love teaches love of all men, unconditionally all."

9 "What is it that really binds the temporal and the eternal? What is it other than love, which therefore is before everything else and remains when all else is past."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite