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The Spirit of Findhorn
Eileen Caddy
Inspiring thoughts from the co-founder of the Findhorn Community

1 "Love is the key to every closed door. Learn to use it until all doors have been opened."

2 "See yourselves fitting into your rightful place, giving what you have to give to the whole, and so feel part and parcel of that wonderful wholeness, no longer separate or divided, One in thought, word, and deed."

3 "Accept your Oneness with all life."

4 "As you pray, feel a Oneness, a unity in all life where there is no separation, for all is One."

5 "See a perfect pattern and plan running through your lives. There is nothing haphazard, even though it may appear to be very strange. All is in the Divine Plan."

6 "Love creates life, life everlasting, life abundant, and brings with it peace, joy, and true and lasting happiness and contentment, and above all unity and oneness."

7 "Feel part of the whole and so give of your very best to the whole."

8 "Let all you do, say, and think be for the good of the whole, to lift and build up the very best in every situation."

9 "Let the Love within bubble over like water and flow to all alikeā€¦.Universal Love starts within each individual and works its way out. When each individual realizes this and allows that Love to flow freely, great changes will come about in the world; for it is Love that transmutes all hatred, jealousy, envy, criticism, greed. These are the qualities that cause destruction and death."

10 "There are many parts to a body and every part is necessary for the smooth running of the whole. In a community there is need for many different types to make up the perfect whole."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite