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Nature Word
R. A. Schwaller deLubicz
The theme of this book is 'the intelligence of the Heart', the innate, functional consciousness or way of thinking which is in harmony with Nature and so able to understand life and living things.

1 "Faith….does not depend upon a dogma or doctrine, it has its source within you. All work within you and by you requires this Faith, which is the non-reasoned certitude that the goal aimed at is real."

2 "Nature, by her signatures, will serve as your guide, because: Nature obeys causes without deviation; thus natural effects reveal the character of their Causes through the Signature. Analogies and Signatures are the Sage's guides and make him a Magus."

3 "Unity reigns and it is impossible for it not to reign."

4 "Represent Unity by a circle; at the Present Moment, outside Time, a scission occurs and forms two streams: one goes to the left, away from the other, which goes to the right; each runs on a half of the circle, the Chinese Yin and Yang. On the opposite side, the antagonists rediscover each other and unite. The circle, or cycle, has never ceased to be, the scission has broken nothing…..This absurdity is the Truth." R. A. Schwaller deLubicz, 'Nature Word', Lindisfarne

5 "Through Consciousness, the Universe is but one single thing; all is interdependent with all."

6 "Ten thousand 'consciousnesses' are at play at the same time; nevertheless, there is only one Consciousness."

7 "Nothing stops you from directing your interest towards a vital way of thinking and a synthesizing mentality."

8 "Each part, or what appears to be a part, is the Whole."

9 "The universe is a uni-verse, there is nothing else: it is one-only….and everything is connected to everything else."

10 "Let man love his neighbor, not as himself, but in the same humanity, and so feel himself responsible for and with his neighbor; because neither time nor anything else divides the essence of their being."

11 "The cosmos is a unity of consciousness and life."

12 "Each body includes a particle indestructible by putrefaction or fire, and this holds true from metal to man."

13 "You are yourself a whole, a particular aspect of universal Consciousness."

14 "Ra, the Sun of Nature, is not in you: you are One. God did not create you in opposition to Himself. He emanated you with his Breath. He is not in you, because He is the source, and you the flux which comes from it; you are One."

15 "Unity and multiplicity must not be thought of as opposites but rather as the polarization, in Coleridge's words, of 'two forces of one power.'"

16 "Creation is continuous, past and future are joined in an eternal Present."

17 "The natural symbol is the synthesis of a group of vital functions. The corn poppy in the fields is the symbol of the season and the vital conditions in its environment."

18 "The Neter (Nature) is alive, it will always act in the rhythm of its nature but will adapt itself harmonically to ambient conditions."

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