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The Finding of the Third Eye
Vera Stanley Alder
This is a guide to attainment of awareness through the path outlined by ancient wisdom, comparing it with the discoveries of modern science.

1 "Everything in life is evolving upwards and onwards to a higher and more perfect state, having had its beginning in an uncreative, unconscious and elementary form, and growing and progressing through striving, sacrifice and struggle to a condition of creative selfconscious potent strength."

2 "Man is said to contain within himself a facsimile of and a link with everything in the universe."

3 "Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted, everyone finally reaches the same goal of perfection."

4 "Meditation has been used throughout the ages as the means by which a person can link his brain, mind and soul together, and connect them consciously with the Universal Intelligence."

5 "Everywhere in the world the self-same Ancient Wisdom can be traced…And everywhere in the world at present are the signs of the re-emergence of that Wisdom back into the light of day."

6 "Enlightenment has ever poured fourth over humanity from the heart of God."

7 "The function, action, and quality of the heart is love. Love in its broadest sense is the desire for reunion with the divine Spirit of the Creator which permeates all life."

8 "The world appears to be made up of the energy of the Being or Mind behind it, whose idea it was!"

9 "Love is the magnet which holds all life together. Its attraction is so strong that nothing can resist it."

10 "God is within us. We are each able to contact the world of spirit within our own little bodies, because in the final analysis it is the life of that world which is interpenetrating and sustaining us."

11 "'Man, know Thyself' was inscribed over the doors of the wonderful ancient temples of learning as the most important injunction to all aspirants."

12 "When the aspirant can grow to love his neighbours for their struggles and faults, and utterly abstain from any critical feeling, then 'will all things be added unto him.' There will be no barriers to prevent it. Like attracts like, and his own honesty and charity will inevitably draw to him as to a magnet all that is good."

13 "Everything is…intimately connected with everything else."

14 "'Love thy neighbour as thyself' – so simple and so clear! And quite enough to change this tortured earth to a lovely place."

15 "Believe in the One great Divinity."

16 "Everything which you can love you can understand."

17 "He whose aspirations are high, sincere and enduring may begin at once to achieve Godhood and acquire first-hand knowledge of the secrets of the universe."

18 "The world is built up of thousands of differing rates of vibrations, all these having their origin in the One original vibration of the mind of the Creator."

19 "The greatest things we can have – wisdom, health and power – are all-pervading and cannot be divided. They can only develop and be shared."

20 "Fear is something of our making, and it paralyses us and renders us stupid."

21 "The cry for world-unity, peace, brotherhood and the casting down of barriers is increasingly making itself heard."

22 "Man has the capacity to connect his mind with the highest unseen cosmic intelligence – the mind of Nature."

23 "His [Christ's] work was to transfer the possibility of attainment from the few to the many, to simplify the great Truths for the use of all humanity and to introduce the ultimate act of attainment, the awakening of the Love principle in the heart."

24 "Mankind, as well as all of Nature, is to rise out of the imperfect state, to become complete and creative, and to develop the full quota of qualities and capacities."

25 "'Man, Know Thyself' was the ancient command written above the temple door. If we persevere with this fascinating study we will find that in the form of every human being the universe is presented to us."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite