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Cyril of Jerusalem and Nemesius of Emesa
William Telfer, Editor
Influential writings of two Eastern Christian spiritual leaders in the latter part of the fourth century

1 "God is truly loving unto man; and all one's life would not suffice to tell out his loving-kindness as it should be told, nor if all human tongues uttered it with one consent would they, even so, be able to express more than a tiny part of that divine philanthropy." Cyril of Jerusalem, 'The Catechetical Lectures'

2 "Both sinning and righteous are so by their own choice." Cyril of Jerusalem, 'The Catechetical Lectures'

3 "The indwelling Spirit is fashioning your mind into mansions for God." Cyril of Jerusalem, 'The Catechetical Lectures'

4 "Man is said by the philosophers to be a little world, containing in himself all those elements of which the universe is made up." Gregory of Nyssa

5 "You must know your soul to be endowed with free will, and to be God's fairest work in the image of himself, its maker." Cyril of Jerusalem, 'The Catechetical Lectures'

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