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A Passion for This Earth, Exploring a New Partnership of Man, Woman & Nature
Valerie Andrews

1 "The earth contains a blueprint of the human psyche, a map of our innate character. It is as accurate an indicator of who we are as the narrow-ribboned chromosomes that determine our intelligence and genetic sensitivities."

2 "I believe that, over time, we must move toward the sacred marriage – a state where men and women are equal partners and act as loving stewards of the earth."

3 "Heraclitus said, 'All things are full of souls and spirits'; Thales, that the 'soul is intermingled' with matter; Anaximenes, that we must revere the breath for it connects us to the respiration of the cosmos; Anaximander, that the earth is constantly creative and that its many life forms are always in relationship."

4 "Nature can put us in touch with the archetype of regeneration."

5 "Our Mother in the Earth….Holy be thy presence….Protect this world and the life within us….As we celebrate the body and the soul….We give thanks for the land that nurtures us….Help us to love the darkness in the world and in ourselves….May our experience be whole….For yours is the wisdom of the womb and the great round of recurring seasons. Amen."

6 "The earth's intelligence is articulated in and through us, and we are part of the world-dream that guides all other living things."

7 "The sickening and insane tragedies of this vast and ruthless cosmos are completely validated in the majesty of Being." Joseph Campbell, 'Hero With a Thousand Faces'

8 "A universal pattern of death and resurrection guides our psychological development as surely as it guides the natural world."

9 "The monad is the many contained in the one, it is a full articulation of the universe." Leibniz

10 "Today we must remember the value of the whole. Despite our varying degrees of wealth and education, we are but a single species interacting with the earth. In southern France, there is an icon of the Virgin Mary called the 'Vierge Ouvrante', literally, 'the opening virgin.' Inside Mary's body, we find the living world: All the animals are preserved within her womb, and her entire being is a landscape containing mountains, lakes, and trees. If we approach this image consciously, we will see that the earth is like a spiritual mother who is calling us to be a part of her larger destiny."

11 "Eros is the true healer. You only need to cultivate this feeling that binds you to others and to the living world."

12 "Every moment is an act of self-creation and a way of re-membering ourselves."

13 "We are continually articulating the intelligence of the planet, which has grown up through all the species. The whole earth lives within us, and in every moment, we are both its creators and discoverers. We only need to reawaken all these early memories."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite