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Visions and Prophecies for a New Age
Mark A. Thurston, Ph.D.
Guidelines for the future from Edgar Cayce and other psychics and visionaries.

1 "There is only one fundamental energy or force in the universe."

2 "The prayers of one person can work to save an entire community."

3 "Every soul was created in the image of God."

4 "There is a plan to what is going on in the world – there is a spirit of the times which is in keeping with God's plan."

5 "God is creativity and hence the change which accompanies any creation."

6 "The alchemy of consciousness change is about to make a quantum leap – from the level of the single person to the level of humanity as a whole."

7 "A few spiritually attuned souls can lift the consciousness of humanity."

8 "What happens if you strike a tuning fork and set it to vibrating and then move it near another of similar structure? It will set the second tuning fork to vibrating as well. A process analogous to this physical demonstration may also happen at the level of human minds. It may well be that the vibration of consciousness can have a resonant effect upon other minds, recreating a sympathetic vibration or state of awareness."

9 "We can see that we are one people on planet Earth. What benefits the people of one nation, in turn, benefits those throughout the world."

10 "Like an embryonic chick which is straining against the confines of the egg's shell, our culture is pressing against the boundaries of the old world ways. To transcend those limits will be a birth into something new for humanity."

11 "The attitude of all should be: 'Thy will be done, O God! And let me find myself content with what I cannot change, and to change that which I may that will be in closer keeping with Thee." Edgar Cayce

12 "There are strong possibilities that this period of rapid change is part of a birth process – that a spiritually renewed earth is about to emerge. Many sources of information, including the Edgar Cayce readings, offer us a promise beyond the troubled times in which we live. They say that the pain and stress we feel is a result of the old ways dying so that a new vision of life can be born and lived."

13 "In these times when outer conditions change so rapidly, put trust in the one thing that never changes: God's perfect spirit and love for us."

14 "A worldwide communications network now links the people of the earth in a way unimaginable one hundred years ago. And there is clear evidence of an emerging segment of society which holds a holistic vision of human nature and ways of living."

15 "Those who choose the approach of oneness in their outlook see a profound interrelationship between all aspects of life. Not denying the appearance of duality, they claim that it is more fruitful to experience the underlying oneness behind the appearance."

16 "All persons must be seen as equals in the way they are measured or judged. All persons must have an equal opportunity to share in the resources which sustain life. This means not only food, shelter, clothing and energy, but also the resources of knowledge, appreciation and love which sustain the mind and soul."

17 "God is a god of change, creativity and evolution. When we feel the tests and pressures of times of change, we are feeling God at work in our lives."

18 "Just a handful of spiritually dedicated people can create a graceful, loving form of change in which all humanity will participate."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite