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What God Wants
Neale Donald Walsch

1 "Adonai, Allah, Brahman, Elohim, God, Jehovah, Krishna, and Yahweh are among the many names humans have given to The One Thing That Is….The One Thing That Is is all that exists. There is nothing that is not part of The One Thing That Is."

2 "God and life are One,…everything in life is part of a unified whole, and our different religions are merely wonderfully divergent paths to the same destination – a destination the soul need not strain to reach, because it is already there: the everlasting embrace of God."

3 "The essence of life and God and love and YOU is freedom!"

4 "In the end, love and fear are the only feelings there are. Life brings you a constant stream of opportunities to choose between the two."

5 "If all of us saw ourselves as One, it would create a new ethic for our species and a new way of life on our planet."

6 "Life is a process by which life is informed about life through the expression of life itself. Life tells life about life through life. The One Thing That Is is what it shows itself to be."

7 "A New Spirituality is emerging upon the earth, and the idea of Oneness is at its core."

8 "You and love cannot be separated in any way, for love is what God is, and you are not separate from God, nor were you ever, nor will you ever be."

9 "God cannot be separated from God and so is separate from nothing at all. God can differentiate Itself in countless ways, which It does as a means of Self-Expression, through which It becomes Self-Conscious. Yet differentiation is not division. Separation does not exist."

10 "God is life, and life IS God. Nothing stands outside God and therefore there is no separation between God and anything at all."

11 "God is life, and everything in life."

12 "God is One Being, or, seen in another way, God is One, Being."

13 "God made us 'in the image and likeness of God.' This is a TRUTH. This is not just a nice statement, it is what is SO. It is as the Scriptures tell us: 'Have I not said, Ye are gods?'"

14 "The combined resources of all of humanity – which would be made available to all of humanity if humanity saw itself as One – are more than sufficient to end human lack and suffering."

15 "You are the expression of God Itself. So is everything around you….Indeed, everything in the observable universe is God, in some form."

16 "Humanity must now come to a new understanding of life, and of that which animates life, which we call Allah or Brahma or God or Yahweh or Jehovah or Lord or the many other names we have given to the Supreme Being and the Essence, the All and the Only."

17 "Love unleashes the power of who we are, and when that power is unleashed there is nothing we cannot do. Which is, of course, what God intended."

18 "The doctrine of Oneness used as a basis for all human political, economic, social, educational, and religious decisions would breathtakingly alter life as it is lived on the earth."

19 "This is the purpose and the wonder of life…to constantly re-create ourselves anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we ever held about Who We Are."

20 "Who is God's opponent? NO ONE."

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