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The Path of Transformation, How Healing Ourselves Can Change The World
Shakti Gawain

1 "We need to recognize, to the depths of our souls, that we are all part of one whole, that what each of us does individually has a powerful impact on us all."

2 "Each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm – containing bits of all that exists in the universe."

3 "Inner guidance is always there inside us, and it is always correct, wise and loving. We may lose touch with it, or misinterpret it at times. We may try to push too hard and get ahead of ourselves. But our inner teacher never abandons us. We are never alone."

4 "The concept of oneness, that we are all one, is indeed a fact of life, not just an obscure spiritual abstraction."

5 "We must understand that we are all truly part of one whole, that all of creation is, at the deepest level, one consciousness, one intelligence."

6 "We are all divine, eternal beings, aspects of the essential oneness of life."

7 "While we might feel that we are mere drops in a vast ocean of consciousness, the interesting thing is that the evolution of each 'mere drop' is a tremendously powerful force. It takes a relatively small number of souls moving into alignment with universal forces to have a great impact on our global reality."

8 "If we have the courage to look at the social and political forces in the world as reflections of the forces at work within each of us, we can more effectively take responsibility not only for our own personal healing, but for the healing of our planet."

9 "As we cultivate our own consciousness growth process, we affect others profoundly and we spur forward the mass consciousness in its evolution. Through our individual efforts we truly can change the world. This is happening even as you sit here reading."

10 "There is a simple universal principle. Everything in the universe wants to be accepted. All aspects of creation want to be loved and appreciated and included."

11 "Like the proverbial pebble dropped into a still pond, the shifts of consciousness we make in our personal lives send out tiny but important waves that ripple over the surface of the whole."

12 "Our own thoughts, feelings, and actions are not isolated occurrences taking place within the confines of our own bodies, but are in fact manifestations of the one spiritual and energetic source that moves through every one of us. It is no more possible for one of us to change without changing the rest as it is for a single wave to crest in the ocean without affecting the whole."

13 "In essence we are all one."

14 "We are not simply physical forms, lost in and limited by the material world, but are in essence unlimited, eternal spiritual beings, a part of the oneness of all life."

15 "Humanity is in an ongoing process of conscious evolution. At this time, we are taking a giant step in consciousness – a great leap in that evolutionary process."

16 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

17 "Through our personal commitment to the process of growth and change, each of us has the power not only to transform our own life, but to contribute tremendously to the transformation of life on our planet."

18 "For every essential energy within us, there is potentially an equal, opposite energy to balance it – for example, doing and being, giving and receiving, power and vulnerability. The more we can develop and embrace these opposites of life within ourselves, the more conscious, integrated, and balanced we become. Life is always guiding us in the direction that will help us develop the qualities that we most need."

19 "The consciousness process is complex and often mysterious. We can't always know exactly why something is happening. Remember that our soul uses every avenue available to educate and enlighten us."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite