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Dark Nights of the Soul, A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals
Thomas Moore

1 "The last end of man, the ultimate reason for human existence, is unitive knowledge of the divine Ground - The opportunity for coming to unitive knowledge will, in one way or another, continually be offered until all sentient beings realize Who in fact they are."

2 "The religious traditions of the world, full of beautifully stated wisdom, are your best source of guidance in the dark."

3 "A creative person participates in the Creator's work. The creation of the world is an ongoing project, and part of the divinity of the human being – an idea cherished by Renaissance philosophers – is to add to that process."

4 "Love will make you the person you are called to be."

5 "You are part of nature and your soul, which is the source of your very identity, is a piece of the world's soul."

6 "Here is a key idea: stop thinking of your dark nights [of the soul] as problems and begin to see them as opportunities for change."

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