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The Hero's Journey
Phil Cousineau, editor
Interviews with Joseph Campbell on his life and work and vision of the world.

1 "The requirement of today is becoming more and more obvious. It is the recognition that the world is so small and so tightly interlocked, that the community, the actual community, is a world community." Joseph Campbell

2 "To get back to the Garden you have to realize that all is one, you see?" Joseph Campbell

3 "Find the divine within yourself." Joseph Campbell

4 "Deep within the human soul is a mirror of divine Reality. As above, so below: Thou art That: The Kingdom of God is within us, here and now. Awakening to that mystical dimension where the very essence of the self is suddenly perceived to be one with the ultimate forces of nature, is at once the secret and the transforming journey of human life." Phil Cousineau, introduction

5 "We are all Buddha things. We are all separate manifestations of this great consciousness that informs the whole universe. The plants are conscious. The stones are conscious. All things are conscious." Joseph Campbell

6 "We are all, in our consciousness, one. And we're one with the totality and potentially omniscient." Joseph Campbell

7 "The new creative myths, the global vision, are being born not anew 'out there' but in the mythogenic zone of the awakened human heart." Joseph Campbell

8 "I got a wonderful letter from a biologist from Harvard, a professor emeritus, an old, old man. He sent me a paper that he had read at one of the international congresses, and he said, '..... I have to conclude that there is an intention in nature.'" Joseph Campbell

9 "Through all the forms of the world, the one radiance of eternity shows itself." Joseph Campbell

10 "The operation of the mythic meditation is to bring out, elicit, the gold of your spiritual character." Joseph Campbell

11 "The seeker is the mystery which the seeker seeks to know." Joseph Campbell

12 "The seeker is the mystery which the seeker seeks to know." Phil Cousineau, introduction

13 "When you are in accord with nature, nature will yield up its bounty…and every sacred place is the place where eternity shines through time." Joseph Campbell

14 "The kingdom of heaven is within you, yes, but it's also everywhere." Joseph Campbell

15 "You and the other are ONE. And the experience of the separateness is simply a function of the way we experience in the field of time and space." Joseph Campbell

16 "A transcendent energy consciousness informs the whole world and informs you." Joseph Campbell

17 "Every mythic image points past itself. Every deity opens to mystery." Joseph Campbell

18 "The mythological systems are a constant, and what you are recognizing is your own inward life, and at the same time the inflection to history." Joseph Campbell

19 "I realized – and nobody can tell me anything differently – that there's one mythology in the world. It has been inflected in various cultures in terms of their historical and social circumstances and needs and particular local ethic systems, but it's ONE MYTHOLOGY." Joseph Campbell

20 "Mythology opens the world so that it becomes transparent to something that is beyond speech, beyond words, in short, to what we call transcendence." Joseph Campbell

21 "The pair of opposites is always there until one can find the center. Then in the center one can move and then go freely." Jean Erdman, Joseph Campbell's wife

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