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The Roots of Consciousness
Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.
A classic encyclopedia of consciousness studies, revised and expanded

1 "Every monad [according to Leibnitz] has the power to represent the entire universe within itself. It is a world in miniature, a microcosm, a 'living mirror of the universe'. Yet each monad has its own unique point of view, with its own characteristic degree of clarity."

2 "From the evolution of the universe, there seems to emerge patterns, pulsations, vibrations and cycles. The loss of uncertainty, the entrapment of spirit in matter as we descend from the photon to the molecule, seems to be balanced by the increased freedom, the rise of matter into spirit, as we ascend through the plant, animal and human kingdoms. The orchestration of the universe is a most complex and subtle symphony. This book, this moment, is a small part of the harmony of the universe as it comes to understand itself."

3 "Wisdom is a state of the whole human being. A person who is wise not only knows the truth, but can live it."

4 "The purpose of human learning and philosophy is to reawaken in the soul remembrance of the eternal, spiritual realm of pure forms and ideas."

5 "There is a perfect balance that lies within each individual, and following this balance requires neither cunning nor striving."

6 "The deeper truth embedded within cultures that emphasize mythological systems of spiritual anatomy is that the divine is within us."

7 "The main dictum of the hermetic tradition as found in the 'Emerald Tablet' in essence states, 'As above, so below', meaning that humanity will find within itself the nature of the entire universe."

8 "There is only one primal stuff…of which everything is composed." William James, 'Essays in Radical Empiricism'

9 "Man is in contact through his inner sense with the whole of nature." Anton Mesmer (1734-1815),

10 "They [the Mesopotamians] saw a unity in nature and harmony in the universe which bound together all objects and all events."

11 "You see, we all exist in the mind of God."

12 "The world of the shaman is one of cosmic unity and a sense of love….It is the same world of the Christian mystics of the medieval times. It is the same world of the great Eastern saints." Michael J. Harner

13 "The soul acts according to the teleological principle of final causes towards its ultimate evolution."

14 "Every body feels everything that occurs in the entire universe, so that anyone who sees all could read in each particular thing that which happens everywhere else and, besides all that has happened and will happen, perceiving in the present that which is remote in time and space." Gottfried W. Leibnitz, co-inventor of calculus

15 "The substance of the mental world is imbued with purpose. Minds, or monads, are constantly emitting radiation of an intelligent nature. Every thought may be thought of as an active spiritual force."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite