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The Mental Body
Arthur E. Powell
Gives theosophical teachings about the mind and how it functions.

1 "Great responsibility rests upon everyone who thinks, because his thoughts, especially if strong and clear, will inevitably affect large numbers of other people."

2 "'Be still, and know that I am God.' In that silence and stillness the Voice of the Self shall be heard, the glory of the Self shall be seen."

3 "Knead love into the bread you bake; wrap strength and courage in the parcel you tie for the woman with the weary face; hand trust and candour with the coin you pay to the man with the suspicious eyes. The student of the Good Law has abundant opportunities of distributing blessings all about him unobtrusively, although the recipients may be quite unconscious of the source of that which comes to them."

4 "Where, in fact, a good and pure intelligence sets itself to work to aid the world by diffusing through it noble and lofty thoughts, there definite service is done to man, and the lonely thinker becomes one of the lifters of the world."

5 "The thought-atmosphere of one person can powerfuly affect another person."

6 "The Life and Light of the Deity flood the whole of His system."

7 "The Self is one, however varying may be the forms in which it manifests itself."

8 "The mental plane is a reflection of the Divine Mind."

9 "All the glory of the highest heaven is about us here and now, and influences flowing from that world are ever playing upon us, if we will only understand and receive them. As the Buddhist teacher said: 'the light is all about you, if you will only cast the bandage from your eyes and look!"

10 "Flashes of genius are the voice of the living Spirit in man; they are the voice of the inner God, speaking in the body of man."

11 "That higher consciousness will come to all sooner or later; and when it comes all life will suddenly appear changed."

12 "Meditation upon a virtue causes a man gradually to grow into the possession of that virtue; as finely said in the Hindu Scriptures: 'What a man thinks on, that he becomes.'"

13 "If a man imagines in his thought that he has a certain quality, he is half way to possessing that quality; if he imagines himself free from a certain failing, he is half way to being free from that failing."

14 "From the radiant thought-stuff of some solitary dreamer may arise wonderful changes, his 'dreaming' helping to re-create the world."

15 "Man is the link between the Divine and the animal."

16 "Meditation is the inexpressible longing of the inner man for the Infinite." H. P. Blavatsky

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite