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The Origin of Satan
Elaine Pagels
Pagels explains the origin of the concept of Satan in Judaism and Christianity.

1 "Knock upon yourself as upon a door, and walk upon yourself as on a straight road. For if you walk upon that road, it is impossible for you to go astray….Open the door for yourself, that you may know what is." Teaching of Silvanus

2 "If one accepts that all of nature, and everything in the universe, operates according to the will of God, and that nothing works contrary to his purposes, then one must also accept that the angels and daimones, heroes – all things in the universe – are subject to the will of the one God who rules over all." Origen, 'Contra Celsum'

3 "According to the Gospel of Thomas, the kingdom of God symbolizes a state of transformed consciousness. One enters that kingdom when one attains self-knowledge. The Gospel of Thomas teaches that when one comes to know oneself, at the deepest level, one simultaneously comes to know God as the source of one's being."

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