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Ascent of Mount Carmel
St. John of the Cross
A classic in mystical philosophy and way of life.

1 "Ascend by this Divine ladder of faith, which attains and penetrates even to the heights of God."

2 "Love creates a likeness between that which loves and that which is loved."

3 "The transformation of the soul is wrought through its love for God."

4 "Prayer, for St. John [of the Cross] as for St. Teresa [of Avila], is no mere exercise made up of petition and meditation, but a complete spiritual life which brings in its train all the virtues, increases all the soul's potentialities and may ultimately lead to 'deification' or transformation in God through love." E. Allison Peers, Introduction

5 "It must be known that God dwells and is present substantially in every soul, even in that of the greatest sinner in the world."

6 "All the virtues grow through the practice of any one of them, and all the vices grow through the practice of any one of them likewise."

7 "The soul is in itself a most lovely and perfect image of God."

8 "If the soul be faithful and humble, the Lord will not cease until He has raised it from one step to another, even to Divine union and transformation."

9 "It is true that all creatures have a certain relation to God, and bear a Divine impress."

10 "God brings man to perfection according to the way of man's own nature, working from what is lowest and most exterior up to what is most interior and highest."

11 "All the things of God and the soul are one in participant transformation; and the soul seems to be God rather than a soul, and is indeed God by participation."

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