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The Ancestral Mind: Reclaim the Power
Gregg D. Jacobs, Ph.D.

1 "Qualities such as optimism and altruism aren't abstract principles concocted by the thinking mind, but are products of the Ancestral Mind and are grounded in the emotions….Even in modern life, these beliefs remain closer to feelings, rather than abstractions, and when we let them, they motivate us toward thoughts and behaviors that improve our well-being."

2 "The hallmark of so many genuinely fulfilling experiences, from mystical ecstasy to states of 'flow' in work to romantic love, is loss of the sense of boundaries around the personal self and the feeling of 'merging' with something or someone else."

3 "Our ancestors survived not by ripping one another apart but by helping one another hunt, gather food, and defend against predators. The simple act of one individual's keeping watch while others sleep has huge survival advantages. Altruism facilitated all forms of cooperation, sharing, and communication – key forces that shaped human evolution."

4 "Positive emotions do more than draw us toward things that are pleasant, for they are ultimately fundamental to existence. Positive emotions communicate to the mind and body in a life-enhancing way, energize us, and enrich our lives. We have an innate desire to experience them."

5 "Flow, peak experiences, and what others call mystical experiences are all…characterized by a sense of unity or oneness."

6 "The experience of wonder, enchantment, and the divine are central to health."

7 "There is deep down within us, in the Ancestral Mind, a more grounded Self with a powerful instinct for well-being – an instinct that can help us overcome imbalances. That Self is the source of a will with which we can exert control over our own thoughts and redirect them toward a healthier worldview."

8 "No matter what you're going through, the Ancestral Mind, grounded in the experiences of millions of years of evolution, can provide the emotional wisdom you need to endure and prevail."

9 "Like the song wired into the brain of a young bird, certain images – the father figure or 'king', the mother figure or 'queen', the lover, the figure of the trickster who challenges the established order – have found expression in almost all cultures. They are the common threads in each society's otherwise distinctive myths and legends."

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