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The Protean Self, Human Resilience in an Age of Fragmentation
Robert Jay Lifton
"This book carries a message of hope for leaders creating the future by transforming business and government. It shows how people find common humanity in diversity and identity in the midst of change." Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School

1 "Myths reveal psychological and historical possibilities, as bequeathed by human evolution."

2 "The overall quest involves a struggle for larger human connectedness."

3 "While the self may have experienced much pain and trauma during and after childhood, it is able to transmute that trauma into various expressions of insight, compassion, and innovation."

4 "Culture is inseparable from symbolization; and both had developed by the appearance of Neanderthal man one hundred thousand years ago, as we know from the existence of a variety of stone tools and other artifacts of burial rites and religious rituals."

5 "The self turns out to be surprisingly resilient. It makes use of bits and pieces here and there and somehow keeps going. What may seem to be mere tactical flexibility, or just bungling along, turns out to be much more than that. We find ourselves evolving a self of many possibilities, one that has risks and pitfalls but at the same time holds out considerable promise for the human future."

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