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The Inner West, An Introduction to the Hidden Wisdom of the West
Jay Kinney, editor
From Gnosticism to Kabbalah to alchemy, the West possesses a rich esoteric spiritual tradition, and the contributors of this book help to bring this tradition to light for today's world.

1 "Unless we look with the eyes of love, we cannot see things as they are." Kabir Helminski, 'Sufism, A Path to Human Wholeness'

2 "To abide in Christ is not a matter of religious belief but of alignment with the very nature of reality." Theodore J. Nottingham, 'The Mysticism of Christian Teaching'

3 "Sufism proposes that there is a knowledge of love, that it desperately needs to be shared, and that in fact no knowledge is more valuable and essential….If love is the essential power within this universe and within ourselves, no subject has greater precedence. It may be that failure in any field is essentially a failure of love." Kabir Helminski, 'Sufism, A Path to Human Wholeness'

4 "There are no time, space, and matter in the divine, but a higher interrelation of unities, a holistic reality: 'It is in virtue of unity that beings are beings.' (Plotinus, 'Enneads')." Kenneth Stein, 'The Star-Gods of Neoplatonism'

5 "Human beings are microcosms that recapitulate the macrocosm." Kenneth Stein, 'The Star-Gods of NeoPlatonism'

6 "This universe is an expression of love. We live in an ocean of love." Kabir Helminski, 'Sufism, A Path to Human Wholeness'

7 "In deep meditative trances we become aware of the One Reality, whose essence…is love." Gary Lachman, 'Heavens and Hells, The Inner Worlds of Emanuel Swedeborg'

8 "It is I who am you and it is you who are me. And wherever you are, I am there. And I am sown in all: and you collect me from wherever you wish. And when you collect me, it is your own self that you collect." Gospel of Eve

9 "It is through our own humanness that we have access to the Divine. Our human experience corresponds to spiritual reality. Hence nothing human falls outside the realm of spirit." Gary Lachman, 'Heavens and Hells, The Inner Worlds of Emanuel Swedenborg'

10 "Like the Eastern traditions, it [Sufism] looks beyond appearances to the essential oneness of Being." Kabir Helminski, 'Sufism, A Path to Human Wholeness'

11 "An illumined being knows his or her true place in the greater Universe and understands the unity underlying all consciousness, whether individual or Divine." Jay Kinney, introduction

12 "Do the good that you know." Emanuel Swedenborg

13 "Faith is the opening of an inward eye, the eyes of the heart, to be filled with the presence of the Divine light." Thomas Merton, 'New Seeds of Contemplation'

14 "The German psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Karlfried Graf Durckheim tells us that the simple act of watering a flower can be done merely because the plant needs water. But it can also be undertaken as an act of love. The moment is then transformed from an ordinary activity into a profound and memorable experience that introduces us into the presence of spiritual reality both within oursleves and in the material world." Theodore J. Nottingham, 'The Mysticism of Christian Teaching'

15 "The mystic is not merely a self going out on a solitary quest of Reality. He can, and must, and does go only as a member of the whole body, performing as it were the function of a specialized organ. What he does, he does for all." Evelyn Underhill, 'Practical Mysticism'

16 "Man's total being is multidimensional and hierarchical in a fashion parallel with nature and there are connections and correspondences throughout his being that link him with resonant aspects in the macrocosm." Thomas C. Worrel, 'The Quest of the Magus, A Summary of the Western Magical Tradition'

17 "Let us master this science and read this book of love. God instructs; Love is His school." Yunus Emre, 13th century Turkish Sufi

18 "For the Sufi, the realization of the Divine is the realization of complete humanness." Kabir Helminski, 'Sufism, A Path to Human Wholeness'

19 "After we acknowledge the centrality of love, everything that happens is part of the process of awakening to the fact that love brought us here, that we are loved by a beneficent unseen Reality, and that the core of our being is love. Love is seeking to discover itself; indeed the whole purpose and meaning of creation is to discover the secret of love." Kabir Helminski, 'Sufism, A Path to Human Wholeness'

20 "The indivisible divine realm, beyond time, space, and matter, is always fully accessible to the visible universe and to every point in it, including human beings." Kenneth Stein, 'The Star-Gods of Neo-Platonism'

21 "Psyche, as World Soul…is scattered throughout everything; everything manifests soul's interiority and depth." Thomas Moore, 'The Planets Within'

22 "Each of us is a unique individual with a special set of potentials to develop, gifts from the God/dess for us to bring to the community and the world." Judy Harrow, 'Explaining Wicca'

23 "Our universe is a vast network of connections between the different dimensions." Thomas C. Worrel, 'The Quest of the Magus, A Summary of the Western Magical Tradition'

24 "The Neoplatonists were concerned with a holistic conception of things, a system of interconnected and interacting wholes and its meaning for human beings." Kenneth Stein, 'The Star-Gods of Neoplatonism'

25 "Just as the coal and diamond are both carbon – that basic substance of life – so does the Goddess of Wisdom manifest her power through seemingly opposing appearances. The Goddess of Wisdom is seeded within all." Caitlin Matthews, 'Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom'

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