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Dynamics of the Psychic World
Helena P. Blavatsky

1 "Man [is] an assemblage of all the elements, forces, substances and energies of the universe; hence, a miniature universe, or a universe within a universe." Lina Psaltis, introduction

2 "All are One." Lina Psaltis, introduction

3 "Real awareness of what we are, what our capabilities are, and what this thing we call 'I' can do to change our world…can only come about through knowledge of Self." Lina Psaltis, introduction

4 "Begin, heart and soul, to spread the teaching of universal brotherhood….Universal brotherhood rests upon the common soul. It is because there is one soul common to all that brotherhood, or even common understanding, is possible."

5 "One common vital principle pervades all things."

6 "All are alike sparks of the Divine Essence."

7 "The One Cosmic Life-Consciousness, binding everything together, and permeating everything, flows through all." Lina Psaltis, introduction

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