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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Miraculous Living
Rabbi Shoni Labowitz
A guided journey in Kabbalah through the ten gates of the Tree of Life, designed to open our awareness to the One Divine in everything.

1 "Whether awake or asleep, you ascend and descend the spiritual ladder of life embraced, lifted, and held by the wings of the spirit of God."

2 "God's image is your truest potential."

3 "You are one with all there is. You are both an individual and a world, one soul and all souls, one heart and all hearts, one mind and all minds."

4 "Shine your light gently enough to see within the soul of another and deeply enough to reflect your own."

5 "Each person was born with a unique light that bears witness to a new way of being, a new insight, that is vital for the growth and continuance of the planet."

6 "Primal Virtue is deep and far. It leads all things back toward the great oneness." Lao Tzu

7 "Every part of your life is a part of God."

8 "The spark of God resides in every atom of creation, in every breath of the human, in every vision of the universe."

9 "You are part of a much greater story that holds infinite possibilities beyond the filters of limited perception."

10 "In the dynamic flow of life, thoughts are forever being exchanged between the Great Mind and the small mind….between God and you."

11 "All heavenly lights may appear as separate yet emanate from the One Source and are one unified light." Zohar

12 "God's love is not exclusive. This love does not discriminate between peoples, traditions, cultures, or even religions. God's love is inclusive of all creation, in all time, in every way. For all is in God, and God is in everything and everyone."

13 "You are enveloped in God's will as a soul is enveloped in a body, or water is enveloped by air, or the universe is enveloped by the galaxy."

14 "Walk on the side of Oneness and bring a new dawning to all the worlds."

15 "The One sits on the driver's seat." Adin Steinsalz

16 "Know who you are. Although everyone is inhabited by a Godspark, you are a Godspark with a unique soul circuit, born to receive and spread your part of the light. No one else has your unique light."

17 "You are one with God and one with all life."

18 "In the place where you are most open and life affirming, recognize that you and God are one."

19 "Love is the stepping-stone into developing a strong character and a meaningful life."

20 "Every person is a new organism who is here to fulfill a destiny that contributes his or her uniqueness to a far greater story in a larger world than themselves."

21 "Knowing that you are born in God's image profoundly affects the way you live."

22 "When you recognize that the image of God in you also exists in each and every person in creation, you awaken to the awesome wonders and miracles that are unfolding everywhere."

23 "Remember you are never alone. The Infinite Source is always available to you."

24 "God dwells inside each person and is as close to you as your breath."

25 "The Infinite is in everyone, everything, everywhere."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite