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Miraculous Living
Rabbi Shoni Labowitz
A guided journey in Kabbalah through the ten gates of the Tree of Life, designed to open our awareness to the One Divine in everything.

1 "There is an Infinite Source of energy available to you. This energy comes from the Divine influx that permeates everything in the universe and is the source of all matter. Like electricity, it is always there."

2 "You were born of Divine will, inhabit a Divine nature, and are here to fulfill a destiny."

3 "There is no such thing as a separate or isolated experience. All experiences incline toward one another, and in the interchange of life, all things affect one another."

4 "You are a magnificent being, intricately designed and superbly adorned. You are both the universal soul and the personal, particular soul."

5 "The totality of all things goes through one opening; the roots of all affairs come from one gate." Huainanzi

6 "If a human looks upon the world with defiled eyes dimmed by ignorance, he or she will see it filled with error; but if he or she looks upon it with clear wisdom, he or she will see it as the world of Enlightenment, which it is." Buddha

7 "The spark of God resides in every atom of creation, in every breath of the human, in every vision of the universe."

8 "Healers, teachers, leaders…literate souls and illiterate souls all have much in common. They can all create new environments of experience and effect positive, healing transformation in this world and in all worlds by simply forgiving and being forgiven. On the deepest level, whether you are aware of it or not, forgiveness has already occurred."

9 "Shine your light gently enough to see within the soul of another and deeply enough to reflect your own."

10 "Whether awake or asleep, you ascend and descend the spiritual ladder of life embraced, lifted, and held by the wings of the spirit of God."

11 "Know who you are. Although everyone is inhabited by a Godspark, you are a Godspark with a unique soul circuit, born to receive and spread your part of the light. No one else has your unique light."

12 "God's image is your truest potential."

13 "Love is the stepping-stone into developing a strong character and a meaningful life."

14 "Every part of your life is a part of God."

15 "In the place where you are most open and life affirming, recognize that you and God are one."

16 "Every person is a new organism who is here to fulfill a destiny that contributes his or her uniqueness to a far greater story in a larger world than themselves."

17 "God dwells inside each person and is as close to you as your breath."

18 "Knowing that you are born in God's image profoundly affects the way you live."

19 "You are enveloped in God's will as a soul is enveloped in a body, or water is enveloped by air, or the universe is enveloped by the galaxy."

20 "When you come to recognize that boundaries are illusions, and good and bad incline toward each other, and black and white are variations of light, the dualities dissolve and freedom reigns."

21 "The Divine purpose for continuous creation is to bestow goodness among humanity….everything that exists in the external world is for the purpose of developing and serving goodness within yourself and within all creation."

22 "You can choose to think positive thoughts or negative thoughts. You can choose to feel happy or sad. You can choose to see the positive in a negative situation, or the negative in a positive situation."

23 "Honor the perfection that resides in each of the parts and the divinity that resides in the whole."

24 "Your awareness of the sanctity within yourself and the sacredness of all existence affects everything, everywhere."

25 "You and every other person are an only child of God. How is it possible for every person created of God to be considered a priority? In God's world we are all number one, because we are all a part of one another."

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