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Miraculous Living
Rabbi Shoni Labowitz
A guided journey in Kabbalah through the ten gates of the Tree of Life, designed to open our awareness to the One Divine in everything.

1 "Can you look beyond the façade of another and empower that person's beauty? Can you see beyond the affects and defects in others and accept them as part of the beauty of yourself, the wonders of nature, and the miracle of love?"

2 "Your destination is the eternal ecstasy for which you strive. It is the union with the Infinite to which you journey."

3 "The Infinite is in everyone, everything, everywhere."

4 "All of existence is one life."

5 "Walk on the side of Oneness and bring a new dawning to all the worlds."

6 "Show me one thing. Show it to me more clearly and deeply. Show me what this, which is happening at this very moment, means to me – what it demands of me – what You, Lord of the World, are telling me by way of it." Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev

7 "The world in which you find yourself in inherently good. Every person is the best of all people, and every occurrence is meant to happen."

8 "Nothing exists in isolation; the whole universe vibrates with interconnecting aliveness and integrating unity."

9 "You and every other person are an only child of God. How is it possible for every person created of God to be considered a priority? In God's world we are all number one, because we are all a part of one another."

10 "In the dynamic flow of life, thoughts are forever being exchanged between the Great Mind and the small mind….between God and you."

11 "The One sits on the driver's seat." Adin Steinsalz

12 "All heavenly lights may appear as separate yet emanate from the One Source and are one unified light." Zohar

13 "Knowing that you are born in God's image profoundly affects the way you live."

14 "You were born of Divine will, inhabit a Divine nature, and are here to fulfill a destiny."

15 "All is a unity of one." Zohar

16 "The Divine purpose for continuous creation is to bestow goodness among humanity….everything that exists in the external world is for the purpose of developing and serving goodness within yourself and within all creation."

17 "If they could rid themselves of these discriminations and keep their minds pure with the light of wisdom, then they would see only one world in which everything is meaningful." Buddha

18 "You are one with God and one with all life."

19 "Your awareness of the sanctity within yourself and the sacredness of all existence affects everything, everywhere."

20 "God and air are one; God and sound are one; God is in everything. God is in me."

21 "Within you is the whole universe. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm."

22 "You are never alone. There is always a sacred being available within you who will help you overcome obstacles with wisdom, understanding, compassion, and strength."

23 "With the strength of nonjudgment and the compassion of unconditional love, you can find God everywhere."

24 "Remember you are never alone. The Infinite Source is always available to you."

25 "The totality of all things goes through one opening; the roots of all affairs come from one gate." Huainanzi

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite