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Christ in India: Essays Towards a Hindu-Christian Dialogue
Bede Griffiths

1 "In Christ we not only discover the centre or ground of our being, but we also find a meeting point with all other men and with the whole world of nature."

2 "All mankind untimately forms one organic whole….individuals do not exist as isolated units, but are all members of one body."

3 "Christ is the eternal Logos, the Word in whom all things exist, who assumes the whole of mankind, and with mankind the whole of nature, to himself and makes of them one body."

4 "The happiness of man can ultimately only be found when he finds once more the right relationship with God and nature and his fellow men."

5 "The time has now come when the different religious traditions, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, etc., which have grown up separately with little contact with one another, have to meet in a dialogue."

6 "What is required is a meeting of the different religious traditions at the deepest level of their experience of God."

7 "The universe is a finite reflection of this infinite Being, a reflection of the One in the many, of the eternal in time, of the infinite in space."

8 "As we learn to discover God in the centre of our being and of all being and thus enter into a living relation with all nature, so in this centre of being we find our true relation with our fellow-men."

9 "There is one absolute, eternal, infinite, unchanging Being, which is the unique source of all existence, of all knowledge and of all life; which is above all things and in all things and for which all things exist."

10 "We now belong irrevocably to one world. This means that a meeting must take place between the different religions of the world. They can no longer exist apart as they did in the past, each forming a separate cultural unit. It is only when this meeting of religions has taken place that an adequate spirituality will be found for the needs of the modern world."

11 "Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all alike share certain social and economic ideals, based on the right relation between man and nature and God….If they could find a common basis on which to work together, then they would exercise an incalculable influence on the world. It would then be possible to conceive a new world order, in which the ideals of modern science and technology, of humanism and democracy could be integrated in a spiritual order, which would give them that relation to ultimate truth and reality which they need."

12 "There is one, absolute, infinite, eternal Being, which is manifested in all the different forms of nature and human life. The object of life is to realize the absolute, indivisible unity of this one Being."

13 "Christ is present in the whole order of nature, drawing the universe into unity with himself, 'filling all things with his presence', as St. Paul says."

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